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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject A quick status about the merge of rcouch
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 12:23:09 GMT
Hi all,

If you didn't see it (sorry for the spam), I have started to merge rcouch
with couchdb 1.6. As of today the version available in the
`1994-merge-rcouch` is fully usable and pass all the tests:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/1994-merge-rcouch;hb=refs/heads/1994-merge-rcouch

It merges the following features:

- full build of Apache CouchDB as an Erlang release [1]. In the process the
source code layout has been refactored:

 - Erlang apps are in src/apps
 - share folder has been moved to src/share
 - fauxton sources has been moved to src/share/fauxton
 - couchjs-node has been moved to src/addons/couchjs-node (this is not an
erlang app)
 - build support scripts and code have been moved to src/support
 - all externals dependencies (mochiweb, jiffy, erlang-oauth, ibrowse,
snappy) has been removed from our source and are fetched during the build
for now using rebar. It should be noted that some Java projects in Apache
CouchDB are also using mvn for such purpose. For now all dependencies are
fetched from . But we can choose to dl them from upstream
or a couchdb specific repository.

- Bind statically Spidermonkey (and optionally ICU) or reuse the libraries
installed on the system. By binding it statically with Spidermonkey you
will alsoo be able to launch Apache CouchDB easily on any arm platform
since a patch is added to the Spidermonkey sources.

The source code of Spidermonkey and ICU are downloaded from for now (which is on the rackspace CDN) but this can be
changed later. The other way to do it would be integrating a gzipped
archive in the source code like Basho Riak does, but I am not sure it's a
good idea: it increases the time of a checkout and can be a problem with
the license (spidermonkey is under MPL 1.1) .

- reworks some part of the supervision. This part is not finished yet but
gives already some improvements against the current one.
- replaces ejson by jiffy to encode/decode JSON
- replaces the ICU driver `couch_drv` by a full NIF `couch_collate` to
handle the collation.
- allows automatic build of debian, rpm, solaris and freebsd packages
- can be embedded in another Erlang application.

Compared to rcouch I added the possibility to launch the tests.


- extract couch_http_* in a standalone APP.
- add view changes
- extract couch_stats_*
- add lager support
- add others features from rcouch
- creation of source archives
- make distcheck
- windows support
- some improvements to the launch script
- amend the NOTICE file

How to test ?

1) Compile Apache CouchDB

To build Apache CouchDB, you now just have to run the command line `make`.
This is - by default - binding Apache CouchDB with Spidermonkey statically.
It requires to have installed ICU (on macosx it use the installed version),
GCC and curl. If you want to build it against installed libraries run the
command line `make libs=shared` . To force the build with a static ICU
(tested on linux, freebsd, osx and openbsd) add the option `icu=static` to
the command line.

I have tested the build only on macosx 10.9  and ubuntu for now.

On macosx it will requires to install Spidermonkey (`brew install
spidermonkey` and is looking for it in /usr/local. On ubuntu and other
linuxes it requires to install icu,

On Ubuntu, install the dependencies as usual and launch the make.  It
should work the same on other linux and bsd systems.

You can also pass the following variables to the makefile:


2) Launch the tests

`make check` will launch all test tests (erlang and js). If you want to
only run Erlang tests run `make test`. And for JS tests run `make jstest.

To run Erlang verbose tests run `make verbose-test`.

If you want to run a specific Erlang test run the following command line:

    prove -v /path/to/file.t

For JS tests :

   escript ./src/test/javascript/test_js.escript /path/to/file.js

3) Create an Erlang release

An Erlang release is fully relocatable and embed Erlang so it don't need to
be installed on the target machine If you bind it statically against ICU
and spidermonkey you want even need to install them on the target machine.

To create the release run: `make rel`. You will find the release in the
rel/apache-couchdb folder.

At this point you can run couchdb by launching the command line:

     ./rel/apache-couchdb/bin/couchdb console

It will run in an interactive e=Erlang console.

To run it in background run  ./rel/apache-couchdb/bin/couchdb  start. to
stop it run the same commande with `stop`.

Note: a mode to run it in the frontend inside a supervisor will be added

4) Build the doc:

`make doc` is creating all the doc (html, pdf and inf). `make html` is only
building the html doc. To install it in the release run `make reldoc`

To conclude

And voila, please test and let me know if you find any issue. The full
merge should be done over the week-end. I will keep the ml updated.


- benoit


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