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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: can fauxton commit be tagged?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 21:31:26 GMT
> > Seems awfully complicated to make fauxton erlang shaped when we
> > already have the simple static file handler.
> depends if fauxton eed more in the future. but for now I agree. Not sure
> though how the final build could be done for the release? sub-modules? or
> just a curl fetch and that's all?

Assuming eed == need - I can’t see how it would need more, it’s a consumer of the API
not an API itself. If there was something it needed it would be built in the appropriate piece
of CouchDB and Fauxton would reflect the new API’s.

So, the question remains; what needs to be done to move fauxton to the new repo? IIUC these
new repos aren’t ready for consumption, yet. Is that right?

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