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From BigBlueHat <>
Subject couchdb pull request: Style tests and class cleanups
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 13:49:42 GMT
GitHub user BigBlueHat opened a pull request:

    Style tests and class cleanups

    Sorry this is so monstrous...
    It's a heavy clean-up of the CSS/LESS classes and such. The prime objective was to get
things focused on using Bootstrap 2.3.2 styles vs. custom stuff or ad hoc re-styling.
    There'll be more of this stuff needed on an ongoing basis to keep things clean and more
easily upgradable to Bootstrap 3 when that time arrives.
    Review Request: @deathbearbrown & @garrensmith

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull style-tests-and-class-cleanups

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

commit ca789482eeaec027bf3eb4e403ba4fa2224439c9
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-11T16:05:30Z

    added styletests addon for viewing styles
    Working to consolidate/clean the CSS class names.
    @deathbearbrown made this thing, and it is handy,
    so moving it upstream for Fauxton styling in dev.

commit f46efd4475008c4dbebb700a86609dbd962845de
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-11T16:14:45Z

    moving to use only Bootstrap styles for buttons

commit 59742e8c63801da1b060f88bc678063bd0bb5834
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-11T20:56:23Z

    db & doc search form styles simplification
    Removed dependency on ID styles.
    Using straight Bootstrap styles.
    Added search form to styletests addon.

commit 26e8085be10cc206d2e400ef1b543a25c8a4ff4f
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T19:12:28Z

    Bootstrapify doc item hover buttons
    Edit (design) doc & delete trash can icon
    now use Bootstrap styles. Tests in styletests.

commit 0ed0f25d39c13b9a76d59b7a33dffef767d995cc
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T19:22:49Z

    .icon class tweaks for various .btn- sizes
    So the icons scale with the button size.
    Added em-based padding to default .btn .icon
    and tweaked Add New Database to include a space.

commit ca1369f28336754fae0aec885acda1f48a3e0062
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T19:44:43Z

    doc & view_editor buttons now .btn classed
    Gray buttons now outlined buttons--due to the
    inconsistent use of "default" button styles
    in the design (some places they were outlined
    other places use a solid gray bg).
    Will need to make a determination of which it
    *should* be or whether there is a strong need
    to have 2 (or more) default styles or whether
    there is a better name for the gray background
    buttons--defining some meaning rather than
    some color.

commit 7faefea3ddf65482c50fef226cf3c7df68e56ce6
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T20:02:25Z

    Bootstrapifying Query Option buttons
    Also made Compact View button match the others
    in size.

commit 48c1caf1b52430f796c753eeda94dbfcb26faf42
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T20:10:09Z

    api-url-btn now a Bootstrap button

commit 181d3cfb7a711a1e7bee574900cf74458e08a527
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T20:14:37Z

    Upload Attachment modal now using Bootstrap buttons
    Had to tweak a small bit of views.js code due
    to the switch from <a /> to <button>s.

commit 7908849aaac079e1e663b1caa36e0635537573f0
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T20:16:18Z

    killed of old search for style test
    Just some cruft clean-up.

commit 4ca95e4b0a8809dbe6febc8016baa1aa81665e58
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-13T20:44:40Z

    Bootstraping the last (hopefully) of the buttons

commit 270c00c95af401bbe16f81aca770e798a0a445d3
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-16T16:02:31Z

    added search form w/out logo to styletests
    Which shows that there need to be better
    styles for search forms as the inclusion
    of the logo is currently responsible for
    the proper height of the button--which
    is an unfortunate and limiting dependency.

commit d72208a7696564bf4a8ba963b9a1f8e882520ada
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-16T21:24:30Z

    killed off .doc-editor-buttons in favor of .nav
    Also killed off remaining .button mentions in
    the yet-to-be-used doc_field_editor.html

commit 606f16aa4f9b5b7f2b01b93abb66e2f79d678668
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-16T21:26:37Z

    .button & its kin are no more
    We are now down to just .btn & standard
    Bootstrap 2.x button class names + style

commit 038194a2ff08fa66968c7ce5432c93c747de54c1
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-16T21:39:03Z

    fixed font in Docs drop-down
    Switched to Bootstrap style icon class usage.

commit 3069ba5225f2c00733dbb4d81e67eaf6347dd416
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-16T22:03:44Z

    all icons now use <i> consistently
    Also tweaked some sidebar icon selectors to
    work better.

commit 425599bdc7babc031d1a1c45187807f8943ebc17
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-24T18:46:57Z

    class cleanup in activetasks, account, & config

commit 4df00fd188768c71784e0175d2326b311ecd2569
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-24T21:05:00Z

    deeper LESS refactoring in database/documents.less
    Moved stuff that related only to documents into
    its .less file.
    Killed off stuff without reference in the code.
    Used `.pull-right` (and friends) where appropriate
    vs. `float: right` on a custom style.

commit 66714db46a96f70ee09a3f99979ea4db36f0b68e
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-24T21:39:57Z

    permissions tweaks & moar bootstrapification
    Dropped custom `.border-hdr` for overridden
    `.page-header` which is now in `fauxton.less`
    so usable throughout.
    Indentation/whitespace cleanup.

commit ede55dbc8d3173c81eac86f8bc206db57ebb8217
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-24T22:05:54Z

    including Fauxton variables.less; consolidated var
    Added a @greyBrownLighter to accomodate the change.
    This effectively removed duplication of these

commit 4281beb1a82a98b4916227b3833781b62826db00
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-24T22:15:21Z

    whitespace change mostly
    Also dropped `form` in front of `#replication`
    selector because faster.

commit d30793575a64f32ea51c78289e6ade31fd57014b
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-25T02:26:51Z

    dumping unused/unseen styles from stats

commit 7558b85b48d7675a5a461087b7b31a532a1fa184
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-25T02:29:06Z

    s/Couchdb/CouchDB/g in Fauxton at least

commit 44799b8b3ee8fcb8a58875b96f0487103387545c
Author: BigBlueHat <>
Date:   2014-01-27T13:46:37Z

    added disabled button states to styletests


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