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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2013 02:33:14 GMT

On Dec 1, 2013, at 1:18 AM, Benoit Chesneau wrote:
> And you keep ignoring what I said about the doc. Ie. it is not complete
> (and it must be fixed).
> Like stored procedure they are stored. Like  stored procedure they can be
> used in a query. Afaik queries happen on HTTP level in couchdb.
> Also "are side effect free and idempotent" = no side effect and idempotent

You can manipulate data inside a stored procedure, you can change values, entire rows, delete
columns, change a column type, you can do whatever you want, even drop a table. A stored procedure
can have side effects, obviously. And you can debug your code.

> You're just ignoring how to use shows and lists and how they are used. Some
> are just using them like a way to handle and merge different sets using
> links and joins. And like many things in couchdb they need to be improved
> in term of performance.

I'm not ignoring anything Benoit, believe me.

> Moving on what exactly? You keep saying we should remove the couchapp
> engine etc.... But the why is still unclear. To be honest it's hard to
> discuss about such topic without knowing what's your business with couchdb.
> Maybe you could clarify that?

For me CouchDB is a database and I use it like a database, storing and retrieving documents,
that's all. I don't need an application server and I don't need couch apps. I like the idea
of stored procedures but I don't find them so important, and like they are, list and show,
are useless to me. They are pretty hard to debug and I don't see any use case for them. I
can do the same with a PHP script.
Performances optimization, joins, the big couch integration, improved replication, a faster
update of the views, a better query server protocol, these are all things matter to me. Show
and list are something I can live without.

> Anyway I am not here to discuss *yet* about that. I am discussing either
> the possibility to discuss it  (and I noted your point) or fixing the
> current issue. Like other suggested they are indeed 2 different topics that
> we can handle in // . Right now the fact is that the couchapp website can't
> be updated and other media not controlled and it's very damageable for the
> community whatever the final decision will be,

Things are correlated. If you all think CouchApp should be part of CouchDB, then shutdown and include the documentation in the main site: Else, if
CouchApp is something related, a project built on top of CouchDB, a plugin, recall the ownership
of from the actual maintainer and manage it.

I'm not gonna spend more time on the subject. Please just accept that we can have different

Thank you

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