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From Vivek Pathak <>
Subject Re: tool for management of couchdb design docs/code
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:26:10 GMT
I agree that  might be an argument to motivate Erica feature prioritizarion but I can not see
why one shouldn't have a tool that permits couch db views to take advantage of professional
programming tools like debuggers profilers and unit tests

In any case, IMHO Erlang is stronger for concurrent programming which view template creatio
and management hardly is


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> On Dec 18, 2013, at 12:20 PM, "Florian Westreicher Bakk.techn." <>
> IMHO python is not the best idea. It would be better to extend erica since it uses erlang.

> Benjamin Young <> wrote:
>> Hey Vivek,
>> Thanks for open sourcing your code! I'd love to see if we can 
>> collaborate. Benoit passed the baton for `couchapp` on to me a few
>> weeks 
>> back, and I'm working to dust it off a bit, and get a path in place for
>> it's future. It'd be great if we could collaborate and work toward lots
>> of little reusable pieces with a nice command line interface for 
>> building, testing, and publishing CouchApps.
>> Also, anyone else interested in helping out and moving things forward, 
>> please join in here and on Github:
>> Let me know your thoughts!
>> Benjamin
>>> On 12/14/13, 5:28 AM, Vivek Pathak wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I had some couchdb projects (since ~ 2007) which had significant 
>>> computation within views/lists etc.    I had read about couchapp - 
>>> which although is totally great - did not serve my purpose 
>>> satisfactorily (reasons/details below).
>>> Hence I had developed various scripts which were project specific. 
>>> Finally I extracted the code into a standalone program which has the 
>>> following main points:
>>> * Code on file system matches exactly code in couchdb (helps version
>>>   control and programming - see next)
>>> * Able to create and run test cases (automatically w/o code change)
>>>   for view map/reduce functions
>>> * Be able to run the these test cases manually through debugger (eg:
>>>   rhino) using a harness
>>> * Be able to instrument these test cases for profiling, for example
>> by
>>>   having a debug built js in path
>>> * And finally - just like couchcapp - create canonical directory
>>>   structure, as well as push and pull to/from design documents.
>>> The code (single standalone python script) is available here :
>>> You are welome to try/use/improve
>>> Thanks
>>> Vivek
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