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From "Mutton, James" <>
Subject Hackaton bigcouch merge
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 19:31:44 GMT
(preface the following with the fact that I'm not at the hackathon and
therefore have no knowledge of what was completed on day 1) :)

I took another couple of swipes at my earlier efforts to merge bigcouch
and couchdb last night.  It compiles, starts and runs most things I could
test in a short amount of time last night but still has a few issues.
Mem3 doesn't join clusters properly due to some record issue that should
be easily fixable, I haven't run unit tests on it so there might be some
other fluff.

I was traveling back to Seattle last night so wasn't available to join but
if you guys are starting at 10am tomorrow I should still be on IRC and can
join in the fun then.


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