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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] tag our commits
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 16:47:33 GMT
Jason makes a compelling argument.

Let's say you do three commits on a feature branch:

[code] Add foo widget to core
[tests] Add tests for foo widget
[docs] Add docs for foo widget

What do you then use as a commit message when you squash and merge into master?

And let's say we want to accept a pull request on Github that adds foo
atomically. Are we really going to send the person away and ask them
to decompose the commit into many commits, each one with a tag?

I think I've convinced myself that this should, at the most, be optional.

On 4 December 2013 17:42, Jason Smith <> wrote:
> While I'm whining about tags:
> Tagging is most useful by having multiple tags per target. My blog post can
> be tagged [vacation] [swaziland] [photos] [family], and then later I can
> find all posts about family.
> Git messages are forced to one tag. That's unhelpful because commits
> ideally update code, tests, and documentation. A useful tag might be [ui]
> but I could get the same thing by looking at the history of src/fauxton/.
> It is marginally useful at a very dear cost: 4-10 characters per commit
> message.
> On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 11:24 PM, Jason Smith <> wrote:
>> -1
>> We do this at Nodejitsu and I find it tedious and unhelpful. It's a bit of
>> ceremony with little benefit. For me at least, I never want to see "only
>> [foo] commits" I want to see "only commits in subdirectory foo/". Otherwise
>> I see the commits through `git blame`.
>> That's my opinion, but I am comfortable being overruled.
>> On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 8:28 PM, Benoit Chesneau <>wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I would like to propose that we start to tag our commits. The reasonning
>>> behind that is to distinct easily the changes concerning  the doc, the ui
>>> and the core and filter them immediately and force us to make a change
>>> atomic. So I would like to propose that we tag the commit line with
>>> [DOC]
>>> [UI]
>>> [CORE]
>>> other ? Another way to distinct the changes would also be to have all of
>>> these as subprojects eventually but it may require too much changes.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> - benoit

Noah Slater

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