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From Russell Branca <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2013 00:20:21 GMT
In its current form, is a relic that has been mostly abandoned
and is not maintainable by the community. I strongly feel we should move
the couchapp documentation into official documentation. I see two relevant
points of interest in this discussion. First is the notion of couchapps as
the self contained application platform that utilizes show/list functions,
and whether these should be included in CouchDB. I don't think this is the
important issue at hand.

The bigger issue is that the defacto method of defining design documents is
to use one of the many "couchapp" tools, and the only place this is
documented as a whole is This is a disservice to the
community, and one that needs to be resolved. This is a constant source of
confusion to new users who quickly realize the futility of defining design
docs in the browser, and get lost when told "just use a couchapp", and then
they inevitably end up clicking on the top google result for "couchapp", We need to have this properly documented in the official
documentation so that the process is fully defined for new users.

A couple of options for approach would be to formalize the folder
definition of a couchapp and list tools known to be compatible, or to
officially bless a tool like Erica. While I do want to see Fauxton provide
powerful editors for all the different function types, I don't think this
is sufficient as people typically want to keep their design docs raw code
under SCM. Whatever approach is taken, I think the number one priority here
is ensuring proper documentation explaining to users best practices for
defining and maintaining design docs.


On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Filippo Fadda <> wrote:

> List and show are not stored procedure. We already discussed that Benoit.
> From the documentation: "Show and list functions are side effect free and
> idempotent. They can not make additional HTTP requests against CouchDB.
> Their purpose is to render JSON documents in other formats."
> Apples are not pears. I'm not buying it, stop selling list and show like
> stored proc. A stored procedure, in general, is not side effect free or
> idempotent.
> > If you just want a database then any KV is enough for your purpose. If
> now
> > you want a DBMS which at least I want, then you probably want a way to
> > store procedures and such to adapt the query language to your needs.
> Guess,
> > what is the purpose of lists and shows?
> Not in the way they are. To me, actually list and show are useless. I'm
> sorry, this is what I think. Can we just move on?
> -Filippo

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