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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject Re: tool for management of couchdb design docs/code
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 22:06:52 GMT

On 12/18/13, 4:32 PM, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
> On 18. Dezember 2013 at 18:21:45, Florian Westreicher Bakk.techn. (
>> IMHO python is not the best idea. It would be better to extend erica
>> since it uses erlang.
>> Benjamin Young wrote:
>>> Hey Vivek,
>>> Thanks for open sourcing your code! I'd love to see if we can
>>> collaborate. Benoit passed the baton for `couchapp` on to me
> Ben & Vivek,
> this sounds great & I look forwards to many more improvements along the way.
> Vivek I especially like the multi-ddoc support that you seem to have, that’s
> always been something that erica could do with.
> Florian - if you’re interested in working on extending erica that would be
> great too!
> A+
> Dave

Thanks, Dave. :)

In the end, I'd like all the CouchApp tools to support some common 
ground--so it can be clearer how to build (and ideally share!) one's 

The least common denominator so far is the Filesystem Mapping:

I'm eager to get multi-design doc stuff added to the couchapp tool, but 
more than that, I'm eager to see it written up in a sharable format we 
can *all* implement. :)


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