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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject [Proposal] list
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 21:11:35 GMT
There's an increasing amount of replication interest and 
conversation--which is fabulous! :D

I'd like to propose that a dedicated list for discussing replicating 
with Apache CouchDB be setup to provide a space just for that.

PouchDB, Couchbase Lite (TouchDB), Cloudant, couchup, etc. could all 
explore their implementations of CouchDB-style replication. The 
specification could be pushed further in this space--with implementation 
details staying in (or the other DB's own lists). 
Documentation/announcements around "A replicates with B" could also get 
demo'd, explored, and expanded on this list.

In the end, I'd like all of these databases/endpoints make progress 
*together*. The conversations are mostly happening in Apache CouchDB 
user@ and/or dev@ and encouraging the use of replication@ should focus 
attention on it as a topic and give everyone a known place to explore 
the protocol, show off their implementations, and test it against the 
various other endpoints.

Thanks for considering this idea!

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