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From Johannes Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2013 10:46:23 GMT
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On 01.12.2013 01:20, Russell Branca wrote:
> In its current form, is a relic that has been mostly
> abandoned and is not maintainable by the community. I strongly feel
> we should move the couchapp documentation into official
> documentation. I see two relevant points of interest in this
> discussion. First is the notion of couchapps as the self contained
> application platform that utilizes show/list functions, and whether
> these should be included in CouchDB. I don't think this is the 
> important issue at hand.
> The bigger issue is that the defacto method of defining design
> documents is to use one of the many "couchapp" tools, and the only
> place this is documented as a whole is This is a
> disservice to the community, and one that needs to be resolved.
> This is a constant source of confusion to new users who quickly
> realize the futility of defining design docs in the browser, and
> get lost when told "just use a couchapp", and then they inevitably
> end up clicking on the top google result for "couchapp", 
> We need to have this properly documented in the
> official documentation so that the process is fully defined for new
> users.
> A couple of options for approach would be to formalize the folder 
> definition of a couchapp and list tools known to be compatible, or
> to officially bless a tool like Erica. While I do want to see
> Fauxton provide powerful editors for all the different function
> types, I don't think this is sufficient as people typically want to
> keep their design docs raw code under SCM. Whatever approach is
> taken, I think the number one priority here is ensuring proper
> documentation explaining to users best practices for defining and
> maintaining design docs.


And I must say that it would be great, especially for CouchDB
beginners, to have erica shipped together with CouchDB as a builtin
tool. This would lead to a situation where the directory layout is
etablished and standardized, via the 'reference implementation' erica.
Then you can refer to the erica tool inside the documentation which
will fill a big gap, telling the user how to get their (view, rewrite,
validate_doc_update etc....) code into the database.


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