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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Interested in Helping with CI
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2013 19:29:59 GMT
Heya Christopher,

thanks for wanting to help out! CI is very important but currently a bit stuck, so any help
is appreciated.

Aside from what’s documented in the wiki, there are a few new developments that I am overdue
to share with the group, so thanks for nudging me :)

I am happy to report that a SysEleven, a local hosting provider in Berlin has donated a rather
beefy box to the CouchDB project to be used for CI purposes. The server comes with preinstalled
VMs (see the list below) and we can request further VMs. Management of the VMs is entirely
up to us.

Initially, Till offered to get some more reproducible and automated deployment & setup
going with Chef & friends but that effort stalled a bit because of technical issues.

Dave has a new idea for setting that up (I’ll leave it to Dave to fill in the exact details),
that involves Ansible & Packer. We’d need help to come up with a concrete set up that
can be deployed on the VMs and hooked into Jenkins.

The mid-term goal is to get all this into the hands of ASF infra, but I’d like to get it
all running, so we don’t have to waste their time with setup woes that we can easily do

I can hand out access to the current Jenkins setup (at as well
as the VMs at request.

The current VM/OS list is as follows:


We can get more, including BSDs & Windows on request, but I think if we get the above
all running, that’s a good enough chunk of work :)

In Vienna we talked a bit about how to configure various build matrixes and the current idea
is to use something like .travis.yml to define what combinations of configurations a particular
branch is supposed to build on. Again, I’ll leave it to Dave to go into the details.

So far from me, if anyone wants to help out with any of this, please get in touch :)


On 13 Dec 2013, at 03:32 , Christopher Rigor <> wrote:

> Hi,
> My name is Christopher Rigor. Noah Slater who I work with pointed me to this list. I
want to help with CI. I've been reading the email archives and
> Let me know how I can help.
> Regards,
> Chris

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