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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 15:41:23 GMT
I can understand your frustration but I see other members are avoiding your question because
they don't want take a position (or maybe hurt your feelings?). Dirkjan is the only one has
taken a position and, personally, I agree with him, but you already know that since we discussed,
partially, the topic days ago in another thread talking about list and show.
Anyway, if you decide (I mean you all) that the couch apps are an integral CouchDB part, I
think they should be a topic of the CouchDB main site and not live in a separate domain. Else,
if you consider couch apps as an external resource, like any other projects made on top of
CouchDB, I don't see any responsibility of yours.
I suggest to take a vote on it.


On Nov 30, 2013, at 11:05 AM, Benoit Chesneau wrote:

> Enough is enough,
> I am starting to be really frustrated this situation. Not having any
> control on the starts to be really annoying. It is now 1 week
> since the website is spammed without any possibility to revert
> the content or whatever.
> I will yet again contact Jchris and Jason about it, and hopefully one of
> them will answer and it will be solved next week. But we can’t continue
> like this. I’m frustrated, some users are frustrated etc. Especially since
> some are ready to start a real documentation. So I would like to clear the
> situation this time.
> If we considers the couchapps concept as a part of the  couchdb project,
> then we should:
> - either start some action
> - or find a new name and new way to document the concept
> If some of you consider that we should just ditch the couchapps concept
> from the couchdb and make couchdb another database, then we should also
> clarify this situation and start a real discussion about it and at the end
> take a decision
> So let's solve that,
> - benoit

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