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From janI <>
Subject Re: Let's start translating
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 19:10:32 GMT

Since I am in the loop, you must also expect comments.

Btw. I have been looking at using your project for a infra project I head,
but I am not sure if it can do the work I need. Basically I have 2 json
files that I need to go through something similar to a xml stylesheet and
generate static html.

On 17 November 2013 14:08, Andy Wenk <> wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> awesome! I am excited about the process you are on here ;-). My comments
> also inlined.
> On 17 November 2013 05:59, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:
>> > I would like to let the translators start their work.
>> >
>> > As of today, we have eleven languages setup at
>> > . There are around the
>> same
>> > amount of people, who want to translate. That's pretty awesome imho ;-).
>> >
>> > I have clarified the process for adding translators to pootle as users
>> with
>> > INFRA. A big thanks again to jan I. for setting everything up and for
>> his
>> > help. I have now admin rights and am able (also Noah) to create users.
>> >
>> > The next step would be to create user accounts for the translators form
>> the
>> > l10n-mailing-list. They will receive an email with instructions to
>> confirm
>> > the creation of their account. But before that, I want to make sure that
>> > the created .pot files uploaded to pootle are correct and are usable. I
>> > created the files from share/doc/src. That means, that the translations
>> > would result in the translated versions of
>> > Here are some questions and
>> discussion
>> > points:
>> >
>> > / we still have not integrated the creation of the .pot files to the
>> build
>> > process. Is this a blocker? (Note: at this time, I would need help to do
>> > this)
> the .pot files are extracted from the sources and not merged back, that it
normally a pretty simple job. As said earlier if needed I can help with my
genLang tools.

>> I think I'll finish working draft for today. But will be need
>> additional testing.
> sounds great! If you want me to test anything - let me know.
>> > / there is no api for uploading (changed) .pot files to
>> > . Is this a blocker?
>> I think this isn't blocker. Annoying, but not a blocker. Hopefully,
>> major changes have pass, so much likely there would be only new
>> content and typo fixes / corrections. Last things shouldn't affect
>> much on translations, even help to find all of them and fix.
> I follow that

This is neither a blocker nor annoying. You upload changed .pot files (as
zip) to templates, just as you would do with any translation.

Remember after having uploaded new .pot files, you need to do "update
against templates" for all languages.

The problem with templates was merely because you uploaded .po files
(languages) before templates (source) was created.

>> > / there is also no api for downloading translated .po files for
>> integration
>> > into the src. But it is possible to download a zip file like this (from
>> my
>> > machine at least):
>> >
>> > wget -O
>> This API is good enough.
> It could be that the additional options --username and --password have to
> be provided within the call. Simple enough ..

You should not need to have additional options for download. But you do
need it for upload.

>> > where de is interchangeable with the available languages and the zip
>> > archive is including all the .po files. Furthermore it is not clear to
>> me,
>> > if we want to have the .po files in the source at all. I personally
>> would
>> > integrate them in the way I proposed in another post. What is your
>> opinion
>> > here? I think Alex started to grab into this already.
>> .po files in the sources are also grouped by language code, so it
>> wouldn't be hard to unpack them to the right place. Suddenly, due to
>> lack of pootle API we cannot list all available languages, but I think
>> we should have defined list of handled languages within sphinx config
>> to ship only translations that are ready or at least active.
> I guess you have already seen the languages available for now at
> . When we add languages
> there, it's a no-brainer to add the new language in the Sphinx config.

+1, you dont need a specific api for that.

>> > / the process for generating the translated docs is not done yet. Here,
>> I
>> > also need help from someone with more experience in the build process
>> than
>> > I have today.
>> Don't worry about this moment, I'm on it.
> super cool! ;-)
>>  > / should we start with the translations or does it make more sense to
>> wait
>> > until we have integrated the creation of the .pot files automatically?
>> We don't need to wait for this since for now the only thing that
>> needed is correctly generated .pot files at once. Docs doesn't changes
>> much from day to day (:
> great! Even if something is breaking when uploading new .pot files to
> pootle it should not be too hard to fix some issues.

Normally (like done in AOO) you translate whenever you have time. if a
message changes in the .pot file it will be marked fuzzy, so you know there
are work to do, but in my experience, it is seldom that messages change,
its more likely to have new messages, and they are integrated in the .po
files seamlessly.

>> > So as a summary the setup for starting with the translations at
>> > is done. But the technical
>> parts
>> > regarding the build process are not done yet. I appreciate your help in
>> > this point very much.
>> I think we'll update
>> article with such
>> technical instructions for translators: where to start and which tools
>> to use. I think we could start wiki article about the same as working
>> draft and after reaching some stable point just push it to docs. What
>> do you think?
> Ok - let me do this! Having also a new page at the Wiki is a good idea. I
> will also add this.
> That rocks ;-) !

Sounds like a good starting point, as usual if wanted I can do a "review".

jan I.

> Cheers
> Andy
> --
> Andy Wenk
> Hamburg - Germany
> RockIt!
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