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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Nov 6 19:09:32 2013
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 20:13:10 GMT
Members present: jan____, strmpnk, awenkhh, nslater, Dedalo,
chewbranca, Humbedooh, Kxepal

Meeting summary:

1. Preface
2. Welcome Andy Wenk
3. 1.5. release
(Kxepal, 19:12:54)
4. plans for 1.6 release
  a. get a “couchdb architecture” diagram into the docs (jan____, 19:26:03)
  b. collaborate with benoitc to document CouchDB internals
(architecture, components, relations, services etc.) (Kxepal,
5. l10n
  a. (Kxepal, 19:31:29)
  b. (Kxepal, 19:31:44)
  c. jan to look into pootle/jenkins integration (jan____, 19:35:19)
  d. added awenkhh to jenkins (jan____, 19:46:14)
6. CouchDB conference
  a. (Kxepal, 19:52:10)
7. Hackathon
  a. (Kxepal, 19:53:16)
  b. (Kxepal, 19:57:12)


- get a “couchdb architecture” diagram into the docs (jan____, 19:26:03)
- collaborate with benoitc to document CouchDB internals
(architecture, components, relations, services etc.) (Kxepal,
- jan to look into pootle/jenkins integration (jan____, 19:35:19)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
19:09:32 [jan____]: not a live meeting, but about to start :)
19:09:58 [jan____]: First: Welcome awenkhh as a comitter :)

# 2. Welcome Andy Wenk #
19:10:16 [Humbedooh]: welcome! \o/
19:10:16 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: welcome! (:
19:10:18 [Dedalo]: welcome!
19:10:39 [chewbranca]: ACTION cheers for awenkhh
19:10:49 [awenkhh]: thank you all - it's a pleasure to be here ;-)
19:11:35 [Kxepal]: wish you relax with CouchDB, us and have success in
all your ideas (:
19:11:44 [awenkhh]: and would like to thank Noah for setting everything up !!!
19:12:13 [awenkhh]: Kxepal: I will ;-)
19:12:39 [Kxepal]: (;

# 3. 1.5. release #
19:13:18 [Kxepal]: Finally. Dirkjan. Made it. HORRAY!(:
19:13:39 [nslater]: three cheers for djc
19:13:49 [Humbedooh]: *cheer* *cheer* *cheer*
19:13:55 [chewbranca]: great work everyone!!
19:14:38 [Kxepal]: Fauxton is awesome and impressive, but hope that
others experimental features will get stable flag in 1.6 (:

# 4. plans for 1.6 release #
19:15:31 [Kxepal]: btw. any plans for 1.6 release?
19:15:46 [awenkhh]: when is 1.6 release scheduled for?
19:15:46 [Kxepal]: one feature we have: stable Fauxton and replacement
Futon withit. any other goals?
19:16:37 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: theoretically, there is release per one
month schedule, but practically month or two
19:16:57 [Kxepal]: so it might be "holidays" release
19:17:04 [awenkhh]: ;-)
19:17:04 [Humbedooh]: a christmas couch :)
19:17:18 [Kxepal]: yea!
19:17:18 [Humbedooh]: Manger 1.6
19:17:18 [nslater]: awenkhh: we should kick it off in one month
19:17:25 [nslater]: but completing it may take longer because hols
19:17:34 [jan____]: I’d like to work more on plugins and get the node
query server improved
19:17:51 [awenkhh]: ok
19:18:36 [awenkhh]: I had in mind that it's 3 months so then I would
have propsed to take the first L10n steps ... but 1 month is too near
19:18:38 [Kxepal]: btw..I have found comment from 1.5 release news.
not sure if it important, but I found it interesting:
19:18:44 [Kxepal]: > Erlang, JavaScript, now Node.js. I think the end
of this project will be that it will tear to shreds because of
internal contradictions. There must be very serious reasons to use it
in such state.
19:19:23 [jan____]: heh, this is a bit uninformed I’d say
19:19:25 [Humbedooh]: same could be said about Apache in general, when
we branched out to include Java projects - but here we are, still
alive and kicking
19:19:30 [jan____]: for one, node is jS
19:20:02 [nslater]: awenkhh: in general its best not to think about
the releases at all
19:20:16 [awenkhh]: jan____: yeah that's just kinda stupid to say
stuff like that
19:20:23 [jan____]: secondly, there is nothing wrong with erlang + JS,
especially how we use it, there is no tention between what does what
in CouchDB
19:20:23 [Kxepal]: I have a bit have worry about, so just to be sure
that we have some project strategy to not fall into described state
19:20:39 [nslater]: awenkhh: just work on code and when it's ready to
ship we ship it
19:20:39 [nslater]: awenkhh: that's one of the reasons we're trying to
do them 1 month after the last one
19:20:39 [jan____]: we also have a bit of C code, OMG what are we doing
19:20:47 [Humbedooh]: what's wrong with branching out?
19:20:49 [nslater]: Kxepal: do you have the link handy
19:20:59 [awenkhh]: nslater: ok - I guess I have to learn that ;-)
19:21:04 [nslater]: we shouldn't waste any more time responding to
this comment :)
19:21:18 [jan____]: Kxepal: a great point, while we may have a clearer
picture of the mix of languages, we seem to have feailed to convey
that picture to the outside
19:21:25 [Kxepal]: nslater: I don't think that will be useful, but
19:21:28 [jan____]: not saying we will always be able to reach
everybody, but I’m sure we can do better
19:21:42 [jan____]: nslater: there was a kernel of truth in there that
was worth belaboring :)
19:22:46 [strmpnk]: jan____: any milestones for that in mind or just
general progress?
19:23:00 [Kxepal]: jan____: seems to be true. wonder how it's possible
to simplify it
19:23:19 [jan____]: strmpnk: general progress I’d say, would love to
get a few more eyes on things :)
19:23:40 [jan____]: Kxepal: our website could have a modern version of
the post it note that we used to have with the CouchDB architecture
19:24:26 [Kxepal]: jan____: with friendly images like guide to couchdb
has..great idea!
19:26:03 [Kxepal]: or may be start making devs section in docs -
another way to show how things working
jan____: get a “couchdb architecture” diagram into the docs
19:26:48 [awenkhh]: not to forget about the writings from benoitc
about the architecture
Kxepal: collaborate with benoitc to document CouchDB internals
(architecture, components, relations, services etc.)
19:27:09 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: +++
19:28:19 [Kxepal]: ok, seems we have a lot of work to do for 1.6 (:
moving forward?
19:29:04 [strmpnk]: Do we have any evidence that people are genuinely
confused on this point? It just seems like a distraction to worry
about such statements.
19:30:07 [jan____]: oops
19:30:54 [jan____]: moving on then
19:31:12 [Kxepal]: anyway, I think it worth to keep things simple and
clean no matter what the reasons are(:

# 5. l10n #
19:32:03 [Kxepal]: we have (thanks nslater ) new mailing list and
translation service for CouchDB
19:32:14 [Kxepal]: *now
19:32:55 [awenkhh]: yay!!!
19:32:55 [jan____]: woot woot
19:33:30 [jan____]: awenkhh: I’m super thrilled that you took
initiative to get l10n going. thanks so much!
19:33:30 [Kxepal]: I have only get registered on Pootle today, so
couldn't say anything about, but the plans are: get to know how it
works, integrate it with jankins, translate all the stuff!
19:34:03 [awenkhh]: jan____: :-) feeling good about that
19:34:03 [awenkhh]: same for me with pootle - but it's a begining !
19:34:30 [Kxepal]: the workflow seems to be the next: English docs are
in git repo, jankins generates .po files and uploads them to Pootle
and there we're translating them into multiple languages. After that
somehow we get the result into git repo
19:35:12 [awenkhh]: that's the idea - how can I help here?
jan____: jan to look into pootle/jenkins integration
19:35:28 [Kxepal]: problems are: where to host translated docs (RTD
cannot l10n), how to integrate such workflow with jankins and will it
ever works?(:
19:35:28 [jan____]: I’mm check that out too
19:35:59 [jan____]: awenkhh: you can start by signing up for an
account at
19:35:59 [awenkhh]: why not having them where the docs are right now?
19:36:06 [Humbedooh]: If you'd like for ASF to start looking into RTD
hosting on our own hardware, do chime in on it
19:36:14 [jan____]: Kxepal: jankins works fine, it’s just that tw
build slaves need a bit of work
19:36:21 [awenkhh]: jan____: ok!
19:36:29 [Kxepal]: jan____: I'll prepare required sphinx stuff for
you. as far as I figure out, jankins only need to zip specific
language directory and upload zip by specific url
19:36:51 [Kxepal]: should be easy, but I'll check this
19:37:08 [awenkhh]: I mean we have already
19:37:23 [awenkhh]: so imho it should then just be
19:37:25 [jan____]: Kxepal: easy then
19:37:30 [awenkhh]: and that's it ... or am I wrong?
19:37:48 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: RTD have no support of such. let me google
issue ticket quickly
19:38:08 [awenkhh]: ahhh .. now I get it -
19:39:20 [awenkhh]: jan____: signed up
19:40:14 [jan____]: awenkhh: cool, will follow up in PM
19:40:21 [awenkhh]: yup
19:40:50 [Kxepal]: awenkhh:
19:41:48 [awenkhh]: Kxepal: thanks! I'll read it later ...
19:43:32 [Kxepal]: or just I don't understand how it works (: may be
need to give it one more try
19:44:01 [awenkhh]: I just had a look to sphinx and did not understand
that RTD is not supporting more languages ...
19:45:01 [awenkhh]: so this is kind of a basic problem - any quick
ideas how to get around this? I mean at the end it could mean we
cannot use RTD
19:45:02 [Kxepal]: the days then I tried to get it working I failed
with. and there is no live examples around to "copy-paste" the
19:46:14 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: we could simply host docs on CouchDB
jan____: added awenkhh to jenkins
19:46:14 [Kxepal]: as attachments
19:46:35 [Kxepal]: but let's make this plan B
19:46:35 [awenkhh]: Kxepal: I will have a look at this issue (RTD) also
19:48:08 [nslater]: awenkhh: if RTD doesn't support multiple
languages, we host the docs on an ASF provided vm
19:48:08 [awenkhh]: yeah! let's try a little harder first
19:48:08 [nslater]: awenkhh: sphynx supports multiple languages though
19:48:08 [nslater]: Kxepal: so plan C :)
19:48:08 [awenkhh]: no plan A.1 :-)
19:48:08 [Humbedooh]: again, IF you want the ASF to start hosting some
sphinx stuff, do chime in on that
19:48:08 [nslater]: ^^ this
19:48:08 [Humbedooh]: we have other projects wanting it too, but the
issue needs traction
19:48:08 [awenkhh]: nslater: yeah I integrated it into a branch and it
works just really well
19:48:08 [Humbedooh]: I'm a lone man fighting for this at the moment :)
19:48:11 [Kxepal]: nslater: I like an idea of replicable docs, not
just bunch of static files behind nginx (:
19:48:39 [nslater]: Kxepal: yeah but we only just started using
sphynx, i'd rather not waste time on porting to another platform
19:49:09 [awenkhh]: Kxepal: yeah that would be awesome at the end -
but +1 for nslater
19:49:16 [awenkhh]: .. on this
19:49:31 [nslater]: \o. on ALL the things!
19:49:41 [Kxepal]: nslater: there is nothing need to port: just
generate "couchapp" from build/html files and push it on iriscouch or
19:50:08 [Kxepal]: anyway, let's figure out RTD current status first (:
19:50:49 [awenkhh]: +1

# 6. CouchDB conference #
19:52:10 [jan____]: woot
19:52:12 [jan____]: one more week
19:52:17 [Kxepal]: 7 days deadline alert!

# 7. Hackathon #
19:53:17 [awenkhh]: will there be videos?
19:53:40 [jan____]: from the CouchDB conference: yes
19:53:40 [Kxepal]: friendly reminder about CouchDB Hackathon where all
forks will be merged (: /cc dch
19:54:43 [Kxepal]: jan____: awesome!
19:54:43 [awenkhh]: jan____: coool!
19:55:04 [awenkhh]: Kxepal: what does this mean?
19:55:42 [jan____]: awenkhh: there currently exist two forks of
CouchDB: rcouch and BigCouch and we’d like to bring them all together
into a single piece again
19:56:32 [nslater]: \o. merge ALL the forks!
19:56:32 [awenkhh]: ok - I knew about BigCouch but not rcouch ... +1 :-)
19:57:43 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: rcouch is CouchDB done in OTP way with
some very interesting features /cc benoitc
19:58:24 [awenkhh]: awesome!
19:59:17 [jan____]: yup. nothing to add so far
20:00:56 [jan____]: *drumroll*
20:07:57 [Kxepal]: ASFBot: meeting end


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