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From Andy Wenk <>
Subject Re: Let's start translating
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 13:08:30 GMT
Hi Alex,

awesome! I am excited about the process you are on here ;-). My comments
also inlined.

On 17 November 2013 05:59, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:

> > I would like to let the translators start their work.
> >
> > As of today, we have eleven languages setup at
> > . There are around the
> same
> > amount of people, who want to translate. That's pretty awesome imho ;-).
> >
> > I have clarified the process for adding translators to pootle as users
> with
> > INFRA. A big thanks again to jan I. for setting everything up and for his
> > help. I have now admin rights and am able (also Noah) to create users.
> >
> > The next step would be to create user accounts for the translators form
> the
> > l10n-mailing-list. They will receive an email with instructions to
> confirm
> > the creation of their account. But before that, I want to make sure that
> > the created .pot files uploaded to pootle are correct and are usable. I
> > created the files from share/doc/src. That means, that the translations
> > would result in the translated versions of
> > Here are some questions and
> discussion
> > points:
> >
> > / we still have not integrated the creation of the .pot files to the
> build
> > process. Is this a blocker? (Note: at this time, I would need help to do
> > this)
> I think I'll finish working draft for today. But will be need
> additional testing.

sounds great! If you want me to test anything - let me know.

> > / there is no api for uploading (changed) .pot files to
> > . Is this a blocker?
> I think this isn't blocker. Annoying, but not a blocker. Hopefully,
> major changes have pass, so much likely there would be only new
> content and typo fixes / corrections. Last things shouldn't affect
> much on translations, even help to find all of them and fix.

I follow that

> > / there is also no api for downloading translated .po files for
> integration
> > into the src. But it is possible to download a zip file like this (from
> my
> > machine at least):
> >
> > wget -O
> This API is good enough.

It could be that the additional options --username and --password have to
be provided within the call. Simple enough ..

> > where de is interchangeable with the available languages and the zip
> > archive is including all the .po files. Furthermore it is not clear to
> me,
> > if we want to have the .po files in the source at all. I personally would
> > integrate them in the way I proposed in another post. What is your
> opinion
> > here? I think Alex started to grab into this already.
> .po files in the sources are also grouped by language code, so it
> wouldn't be hard to unpack them to the right place. Suddenly, due to
> lack of pootle API we cannot list all available languages, but I think
> we should have defined list of handled languages within sphinx config
> to ship only translations that are ready or at least active.

I guess you have already seen the languages available for now at . When we add languages
there, it's a no-brainer to add the new language in the Sphinx config.

> > / the process for generating the translated docs is not done yet. Here, I
> > also need help from someone with more experience in the build process
> than
> > I have today.
> Don't worry about this moment, I'm on it.

super cool! ;-)

>  > / should we start with the translations or does it make more sense to
> wait
> > until we have integrated the creation of the .pot files automatically?
> We don't need to wait for this since for now the only thing that
> needed is correctly generated .pot files at once. Docs doesn't changes
> much from day to day (:

great! Even if something is breaking when uploading new .pot files to
pootle it should not be too hard to fix some issues.

> > So as a summary the setup for starting with the translations at
> > is done. But the technical
> parts
> > regarding the build process are not done yet. I appreciate your help in
> > this point very much.
> I think we'll update
> article with such
> technical instructions for translators: where to start and which tools
> to use. I think we could start wiki article about the same as working
> draft and after reaching some stable point just push it to docs. What
> do you think?

Ok - let me do this! Having also a new page at the Wiki is a good idea. I
will also add this.

That rocks ;-) !



Andy Wenk
Hamburg - Germany

GPG fingerprint: C044 8322 9E12 1483 4FEC 9452 B65D 6BE3 9ED3 9588

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