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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 20:50:53 GMT

PgREST is not PostgreSQL anyway, it's a project that uses PostgreSQL and I think CouchApp
should be the same, maybe a plugin but not a core feature.

Which are the CouchDB goals? The goals are determined at blastoff time. You must ensure the
goals are reasonable, attainable, simply stated, worthwhile, and carry and measurement, so
that you can test the delivered product to ensure that it satisfies the goal. If the goal
does not have these properties, then history demonstrates that it is unlikely the project
will deliver anything useful.

The goal is used throughout the requirements gathering activity. Each of the requirements
that you gather must contribute, even if indirectly, to the goal. Requirements that don't
contribute are not relevant, and should be discarded. Purpose of CouchDB is to store data,
delivering applications, or both? Is the goal to create a database, an application server
or both?

CouchDB is an open source project, based on the community efforts. There is probably someone
in charge, right? Who is in charge should discuss with the other stakeholders the goals of
the product and drive the product construction to reach the goals. A product without a goal
is not a product, it's just a bunch of lines of code. It's really cool that CouchDB can make
a coffee because someone coded the ability in it, but I'm not interested in a coffee machine,
I want a database.

This project needs a goal. CouchApp can be part of it or not, I'm not the one who decides,
but I think it shouldn't. You all know that I'm not the only one who thinks CouchDB should
be just a cool database, as I know many of you, instead, like the idea of an application server.
It might be a database, an application server or both, but at this point I think it's important
to decide its goals.


On Nov 30, 2013, at 7:42 PM, Alexander Shorin wrote:
> Suddenly, it isn't just a database since 0.9 release when design
> functions like show, list and update was introduced. Couchapp isn't a
> feature or a part of CouchDB - it's not something physical that could
> be removed. It's the way of using CouchDB features to create real rich
> applications that are hosted directly by CouchDB and used data of the
> related database. This way is based on design functions
> (show/list/update/validate_doc_update), views, replication, HTTP API.
> You may use these features to create couchapps, you may use this
> features in standalone, you may don't, but it's still same CouchDB.
> If you aware, the same CouchApp concept (self-hosted application on
> top of database) is actively tried to be implemented on top of
> PostgreSQL:
> this isn't first attempt, but the most recent and more interested. If
> people creates such stuff, may be there is really lack of application
> server features in popular databases that they trying to fill?
> Hopefully, CouchDB has such long ago, out of the box and for any
> languages you'd like to use.
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