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From david martin <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 17:00:47 GMT
On 30/11/13 15:41, Filippo Fadda wrote:
> maybe hurt your feelings?

Many people cut their teeth on couchapp (not couchapps), implemented by Benoit.

Many people learned the rudiments of CouchDB and probed the limitations of many things using
the Python based couchapp interface .

Your views are misinformed and confused by the many imitators of the original concept.

The plethora of half baked imitators and copiers of the original are the ones creating custom
perversions in

"my fav language of the day fanboi acolyte style".

No one knows the difference between a concept and implementation for last 4 years.

Benoit has even re-written in Erlang (because Python2-Python3 third party mess) to drive the
point home as Erica can be guaranteed to be system and language agnostic as,
wake up, the core language which is always there is Erlang.

Not JS not Node not lua, not C++ not C# not coffeescript not elixir but Erlang/OTP!

Maybe you should have your own feelings hurt and I certainly will do that if you do not pull
your head in!

What do you know about what is and is not core to this matter without waiting for a full and
open discussion?

The contributer list is high for CouchDB with nobody leaving, If persons cannot be bothered
to answer I suggest persons tender
their resignations and stop allowing spammers to further confuse users.

  No response may be a sign of Arterial Sclerosis or death or /commercial conflict of interest/
, or not knowing where anything is hosted  or FUD creators having fun or you confusing them
with more half baked attitudes .

To say

"I see other members are avoiding your question because they don't want take a position is
a bit premature" don't you think?

Especially in light of the forthcoming long planned major developments.

I think Jan is too polite and too nice a guy and in too public a position to be other than
a superb diplomat and technology implementor and to do what I would do forthwith, which is
to put the cat among the pigeons and cull the ones that do not move fast enough (pigeons that

totally random biginteger davidoccam a.k.a.

David Martin

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