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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: [discuss] down, spammed
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 17:58:44 GMT

for me, and I speak just for myself, CouchDB is a database. And IMHO couch apps are something
that shouldn't be part of the CouchDB core. Benoit asked a very simple question and I gave
my opinion. I think who matters should take a position on the subject because I can understand
Benoit frustration about the current status of CouchApp could be the best piece
of software in the world but my personal vision of CouchDB doesn't include it, because I see
CouchDB as a database and not an application server. You are not gonna change my mind.
Apache CouchDB needs a direction. I'm not the one who decide the way to go, but I'm free to
provide my opinion, I hope. And I think everyone should take a position, since Benoit asked,
using his own words to "clarify this situation and start a real discussion about it and at
the end take a decision". And since Benoit is a veteran with established relations among the
community, it's legit that someone is not comfortable to go "against" him. I'm just asking
an effort for the good, so a decision can be taken.
I don't like your rage, it's totally out of control. Relax.


On Nov 30, 2013, at 6:00 PM, david martin wrote:
> Many people cut their teeth on couchapp (not couchapps), implemented by Benoit.
> Many people learned the rudiments of CouchDB and probed the limitations of many things
using the Python based couchapp interface .
> Your views are misinformed and confused by the many imitators of the original concept.
> The plethora of half baked imitators and copiers of the original are the ones creating
custom perversions in
> "my fav language of the day fanboi acolyte style".
> No one knows the difference between a concept and implementation for last 4 years.
> Benoit has even re-written in Erlang (because Python2-Python3 third party mess) to drive
the point home as Erica can be guaranteed to be system and language agnostic as,
> wake up, the core language which is always there is Erlang.
> Not JS not Node not lua, not C++ not C# not coffeescript not elixir but Erlang/OTP!
> Maybe you should have your own feelings hurt and I certainly will do that if you do not
pull your head in!
> What do you know about what is and is not core to this matter without waiting for a full
and open discussion?
> The contributer list is high for CouchDB with nobody leaving, If persons cannot be bothered
to answer I suggest persons tender
> their resignations and stop allowing spammers to further confuse users.
> No response may be a sign of Arterial Sclerosis or death or /commercial conflict of interest/
, or not knowing where anything is hosted  or FUD creators having fun or you confusing them
with more half baked attitudes .
> To say
> "I see other members are avoiding your question because they don't want take a position
is a bit premature" don't you think?
> Especially in light of the forthcoming long planned major developments.
> I think Jan is too polite and too nice a guy and in too public a position to be other
than a superb diplomat and technology implementor and to do what I would do forthwith, which
is to put the cat among the pigeons and cull the ones that do not move fast enough (pigeons
that is).
> totally random biginteger davidoccam a.k.a.
> -- 
> David Martin

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