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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [1.5.0] Punted for today :(
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2013 13:40:18 GMT
On 4 October 2013 16:09, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:

> Adding it to EXTRA_DIST seemed to do the trick

Aha! That was the correct thing to do.

> This only applies to master and not 1.5.x, but there is a new
> src/my-first-couchdb-plugin directory that just has bunch of files
> that we just want to have in the tarball, but do nothing with yet.
> For now I just made it like couchjs-node with the custom
> and EXTRA_DIST and that seems to work, but the subdir has its own
> Makefile that is irrelevant to the CouchDB build system (it is a
> skeleton for building CouchDB plugins in a more standalone way).
> Keeping that file named `Makefile` obviously conflicted with the
> procedure, so I renamed it to `Makefile.dist` and added a step
> to the instructions that asks the user to rename it before starting
> development on a plugin. To circumvent the renaming step I tried
> adding an EXTRA_DIST to src/ and reference all files
> in src/my-first-couchdb-plugin from there, but that didn’t seem to
> work. This one isn’t too important for now, but if there is a nice
> solution, I’d like to know some time :)

Oh, interesting.

In this case, I would put the EXTRA_DIST in src/, and remove the from src/my-first-couchdb-plugin. The EXTRA_DIST will obviously
have to prefix all the filenames with my-first-couchdb-plugin, but that's
fine. And you can call your Makefile whatever you want.

The instructions will need to be updated so that people are instructed to
sprinkle the magic dust on, when they want their
to be picked up by the build system

I’ve prepared a branch build-system-fixes-1.5.x that includes all
> of the above.
>   ASF:
>   GitHub Compare:
> I’d appreciate a review :)

Okay, using this:


Remove this line:


(As part of the move of EXTRA_DIST to src/

> license.skip

These lines are redundant:


These files should be covered the the lines above this:


I am uncomfortable with this:


We should probably be explicit about what files do not need our
boilerplate. If we're shipping example code, then it is under an Apache
license, and should have the boilerplate. (Perhaps I am missing something
there though?)

> src/couch_plugins/

This looks okay:

    +EXTRA_DIST = $(source_files)

But we shouldn't be distributing other people's README files, unless there
is a very good reason. Should we rip this out?

> src/my-first-couchdb-plugin/.gitignore

Why have a separate .gitignore here. Can we not include this rule in the
top-level file?

Noah Slater

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