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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [1.5.0] Punted for today :(
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 12:01:59 GMT
"Our PITA build system doesn't correctly understand how to package fauxton"

The problem is that new files have been added and Autotools hasn't been
told what to do with them.

We should be getting in the habit of checking the CI server Jan set up,
which will flag these errors. This is useful for a devs who are adding new
features and who want to check if the build is broken, and for release

In fact, for devs, if you're adding new files, or moving files around, I
would recommend a quick "./bootstrap && ./configure --disable-tests && make
distcheck" before you commit. This will flag any problems, or bits you've
forgotten to wire up to the build.

For the release procedure, we should have a step that reminds the RM to
check the CI server. I thought I had added this already, but a quick check
shows that I haven't. (And in fact, the whole Timetable section is dated
and needs to go.)

Only in /tmp/ erlang-version.escript

This file is is not in the at all, so Autotools will completely
ignore it.

The line it needs adding to is:

    if WINDOWS
    bin_SCRIPTS = couchdb.bat
    bin_SCRIPTS = couchdb couch-config

If this is a *nix thing only, then add it to the last line. If it works on
Windows, add it to both.

Only in /tmp/

This needs adding to share/doc/build/ See the html_files and
src_files variables.

Only in /tmp/ plugins.html

This needs adding to share/ See the nobase_dist_localdata_DATA

Only in /tmp/

These need adding to an EXTRA_DIST, or something similar.

Only in /tmp/ couchjs-node

This one is a little more complex.

Edit, src/ and add this dir to the SUBDIRS variable.

Now take one of the files,
like src/couch_dbupdates/, and copy it to the couchjs-node dir.
Then modify it to suit the contents of that dir. Shout if you need help
with this.

Once you've done that, edit, and tell it about the new by adding this line:


(Make sure to add it in the correct location, and sorted alphabetically.)

Only in /tmp/ fauxton

This one is surprisingly easy for now, as we're bodging it for the time
being. Just edit share/ and add all of the files under the
fauxton dir to the nobase_dist_localdata_DATA variable.

Once all of these things have been done, test with:

./bootstrap && ./configure --disable-tests && make distcheck

Noah Slater

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