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From Octavian Damiean <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Use Influitive to help with marketing
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2013 18:10:34 GMT
On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 7:04 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:

> Hi devs,
> I would like to propose that we use Influitive to help us improve our
> marketing efforts.
> I fully intend to execute this proposal myself. If you want to volunteer,
> that is great. But if you are not interested in this, that is fine also.
> Nobody has to participate if they do not want to. I am quite happy to run
> it as an experiment myself. If it works we can continue, and if it doesn't,
> we can stop.
> Unless anybody objects, I will assume lazy consensus after three days, and
> let Influitive that we have the green light to move forward.
> = Introduction =
> Influitive AdvocateHub is an advocacy marketing platform.
> Think of it like Kickstarter, for marketing. You post a description of what
> you want to accomplish, and then your community members pitch in and help
> to make it happen.
> As an open source project, we struggle to market ourselves because we have
> no budget. Where a typical company might take out ads, or pay people to
> write technical content, we rely on volunteer time and word of mouth. But
> this is typically disorganised.
> AdvocateHub is a tool that that will allow us to coordinate that volunteer
> time and word of mouth. We can create a steady stream of challenges or
> requests for help and people who are committed to the project can organise
> around these, and help us spread the word of CouchDB.
> In return for doing these things, we reward them with prestige and swag.
> And maybe a few other exclusive items, like conference tickets, or a round
> of drinks on me.
> You should watch these two intro videos:
> = Donation =
> AdvocateHub is usually premium service. However, Influitive has very
> generously offered to donate an account to the project. This is the first
> open source project that Influitive has supported like this, so I am very
> grateful for the opportunity!
> AdvocateHub is designed for commercial companies, but I think we can make
> it work for an open source project. Influitive will be monitoring our
> progress, and if things are not working out, we’ll end the experiment. As
> part of this agreement, I will be the account owner and will be responsible
> for its operation. But if you are a committer and you want to help out, I
> can add you as an admin. This is similar to how we run our social media
> accounts.
> In return for the support, I am proposing to:
>     * Promote the use of our AdvocateHub within our community
>     * Thank them from our website, wiki, and social media accounts
>     * Document our progress with the occasional blog or tweet
> Promoting the use of our AdvocateHub will probably take the form of
> mentioning new challenges on the mailing list, blog, Twitter, Google+, etc.
> Obviously, we will want to encourage as many people as possible to get
> involved in the AdvocateHub as possible.
> As for documenting our progress, I am thinking that the occasional post
> covering how we’re using the tool, and what sorts of results we’re seeing
> would be appropriate.
> I have spoken with the ASF fundraising team already, and there are no
> concerns with these plans at the foundation level.
> = Challenges =
> AdvocateHub is built around the concept of a challenge, or request for
> help. We can design these however we want, and I will be looking for input
> from the community.
> Ideas for easy challenges:
>     * Retweet an official @CouchDB tweet
>     * Upvote a CouchDB story on Hacker News, Reddit, Google+ etc
>     * Publicly mention CouchDB on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, your blog,
> etc
>     * Share an official project blog post somewhere
> Ideas for medium challenges:
>     * Watch a featured video
>     * Read a featured blog post, or section of the docs
>     * Help someone out on the mailing list
>     * Answer a CouchDB question on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, etc
>     * Talk about CouchDB in response to a Quora question
>     * Talk about CouchDB in response to a submission on Hacker News,
> Reddit, etc
>     * Comment on an official blog post, or a blog post about CouchDB
>     * Post a review on alternativeTo, or other review sites, blog posts,
> etc
>     * Provide an official endorsement or quote from your company about
> CouchDB
>     * Complete a survey (I plan to actually make some surveys)
> Ideas for hard challenges:
>     * Create a CouchDB client, library, or tool
>     * Produce early/mid/late stage technical content
>     * Produce a CouchDB white paper
>     * Give a talk or screencast about CouchDB
>     * Share a CouchDB success story, testimonial, or case-study
>     * Organise a CouchDB meet-up
>     * Organise a CouchDB conference
> And then, challenges for actually contributing back to CouchDB itself:
>     * Triage X many JIRA tickets
>     * Fix up outstanding issues on a CouchDB pull request
>     * Contribute a fix for a JIRA ticket
> (This might be a little outside of the scope of AdvocateHub, as this would
> request contribution back to the project itself. Still, it would be
> interesting to see if this would work. As a volunteer organisation,
> volunteer time and attracting contributions is our top priority.)
> = Rewards =
> Completing challenges gives you points, levels, and badges. I know that
> many people love this kind of system, and are happy to compete with each
> other for points alone. However, we also have the option of allowing
> advocates to exchange points for prizes.
> AdvocateHub has an integration with a swag drop-ship merchant. Hopefully, I
> can attract a third-party to help with the bill for this. It would mean
> that by completing challenges, we can reward advocates with t-shirts,
> hoodies, mugs, pins, stickers, and so on!
> In addition to swag, we could also offer:
>     * Individual promotion for you
>     * Priority or free tickets to the regular CouchDB Confs
>     * Email support or advice from the committers (depends on who
> volunteers time)
>     * Private call with one the committers (depends on who volunteers time)
>     * Drinks on Noah (though, you’ll have to come find me!)
> Promotion could be quite a draw. Imagine a weekly Tweet along the lines of
> “Thanks to @ARandomPerson for supporting CouchDB this week. You should
> follow her on Twitter!” We could also include a mention in our weekly
> CouchDB news. (A blog idea that I have not executed on yet.) As far as I
> can tell, we’d only be able to promote individual accounts, not businesses.
> The ASF has very strict vendor neutrality rules that we must adhere to.
> Some other ideas of how we could provide return promotion:
>     * Mention on our homepage that week
>     * Get on our weekly @CouchDB #FollowFriday
>     * Entered into a “hall of fame”
>     * Get mentioned in our Git commits, issues, or pull requests
> The @CouchDB account has close to 10k followers. And our homepage receives
> around 8,500 page views per month at the moment. Those numbers are not to
> be sniffed at!
> (This is heavily inspired by Hoodie, who allow people to sponsor the
> project in return for promotion via different channels. I think we can
> borrow some of this.)
> The specifics of the reward programme is unimportant at this stage. Like
> the details of the challenges themselves, we can figure this out as we move
> forward.
> Thanks,
> --
> Noah Slater

​I like the idea and think that it is definitely worth a try! If you need
any help with this, just let me know.

+1​ on this.

Octavian Damiean


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