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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: [REVIEW] Docs update
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 08:27:52 GMT
On 8 August 2013 15:28, Filippo Fadda <> wrote:
> On Aug 5, 2013, at 8:01 PM, Noah Slater wrote:
>> MacPorts is a POS. We should completely avoid mentioning it. (Both in the
>> binary install section, and in the source install section.)
> OMG, the POS is brew not MacPorts. All my system is installed around MacPorts, even Apache
(sure I replaced the default installation, because Apple doesn't update it, and to load an
extension you have to compile from source). I can upgrade all the PHP extensions, even PHP
with a command. Homebrew is a package manager for Ruby tards.

While I'm happy to debate the general merits & preferences of various
tools,  offensive language in any form has no place in our couchdb
community. Relax is our watchword :-).

> Homebrew simply doesn't offer the same amount of packages you can find on MacPorts.


> We can stay all day to discuss which is the best (MacPorts), but we will never reach
an agreement and we don't need. The fact is that you can't tell me a good reason to not mention
MacPorts. MacPorts is the first Mac OS X open source repository and not only should be mentioned,
but it should be mentioned before Homebrew.

I think that's a tad extremist, but I agree that there's no reason not
to add both port mgmt tools to the documentation. For a long time,
macports lagged both erlang and couchdb releases, and there was no
active maintenance, eg ssl was missing for a long time. That's
certainly changed, and that's a good thing.

>From a selfish committers perspective, I can say that couchdb works on
homebrew as I test it well before each release, and I use it to run &
test master pretty much all the time. I do know that getting changes
committed to the brew recipes for couchdb is taking longer & longer
for each release, which is not ideal. Nothing's ever perfect.

> I agree, dmg is the first choice for everyone, but if CouchDB is available through MacPorts,
Fink, Homebrew or even Rudix who do not mention them?

+1. Let's make it as easy as pie to get on the couch.

Filippo, would you like to send in a patch to update these? and how-to
is here
should cover how to do this.

If we have an active & reachable maintainer for a given
platform/packaging tool then they should feel free to do the same. My
only request to maintainers is that if you have to patch couchdb to
work on your distro, *please* let us know, it's something we are very
likely to want to fix for everybody, properly.


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