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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject JIRA Cleanup: Patches
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 01:13:49 GMT
Hi devs!

During JIRA Cleanup process there was found some issues that are
almost fixed. All of them has patches, some of them requires tests,
most of them - rebase, few of them - additional discussion.

I believe, that we have to walk though of them and make a decision: to
commit, to reject or to wait for merge, because after two big merges
(BigCouch and rcouch) code base may have changed quite much to make
these patches useless (even if they were very useful). If it's not
possible to make a decision now, I feel that better to closed them as
Later which will split them from new/opened issues and helps to filter
them in future for bringing back to work.

Here is the list issues with patches. Note, that not all are attached
- quite much of them are references via github links. Third line after
the link is my comment about something to bring attention to:

Get filtered data from many views with one request

Automatic links to referenced docids to aid navigation

User definable sort directions

[PATCH] Improved Accept/Content-Type negotiation

Add copy and move document in Futon

Striped queries

Treat output rows of views as documents for other views to build upon

add support to jquery.couch.js for 'keys' param to all_docs view

Configurable (globally and per database) full_commit default setting

Chage doc_validation status code

Ungraceful behaviour if view returns a function

Allow Distributed Erlang Short/Long Name and Cookie to be Specified in
Configuration Files

Change _changes line ending to simplify clients

CouchDB fails to start when log file is a pipe

Allow client to insist on Content-Type: application/json in all responses

Ensure reduce_limit is turned on for view_errors test

track conflict count in db_info (was built-in conflicts view)

handle custom CouchdDB welcome page
Maybe close as WONTFIX

Add database uuid's

Better separation between httpd and core through api layer

Pause write requests to allow compaction to complete

handle deleted db event for db

View API POST keys to retrieve multiple docs by key could also allow
for multiple 'range' queries, i.e. an array of { startkey: .., endkey:
... } params in the POST

create_target replication option should work with OAuth
Fixed, but test required

CouchDB crushes for unknown builtin reduce function string

JSLint errors in jquery.couch.js

init script needlessly 'su's, and non-superuser use fails

Content-Type of 304 responses are not negotiated.

Pure Erlang alternative to crypto library

Generic _changes listener added to jquery.couch.js

Extensible password storage

_all_dbs should list only the DBs accessible to the user

Cleanly override default headers
Test requires

Add support for logging to syslog

Newlines in document locations break header parsing

Ability to rename _attachment filenames

Implement all the methods in jquery.couch.js in couch.js as well
Needs review

Improved Query Server tests

ruby versions of the query server spec functions

Add config option for view compact dir
Need review:

Store large attachments external to the .couch file

Designer add-on for Futon

PATCH: couch_stats_aggregator should use queue instead of list

Validate replication arguments

PATCH: couch_stats_aggregator should use queue instead of list

Use Takanori Ishikawa's JS SHA1 implementation which doesn't pollute
the global namespace

multipart/related PUT's always close the connection.

Add http handlers for root files with special meanings, such as crossdomain.xml.

Forward to real(-used) id instead of previously generated uuid

[PATCH] Verify SSL Certificate Chain when doing SSL replication

[PATCH] Replication fails due to {stream_to, {self(), once}} parameter

Nonstandard HTTP methods not converted to JSON correctly

Wrong document returned due to incorrect URL decoding

Option to use a persistent CommonJS module cache

Allow provides() to handle "raw" MIME Type declarations as well as
"shortcut" names

refactor os process management

Improve include_docs to support _id's specified in reduce values.

jquery.couch.js: db.changes().stop() should abort XMLHTTPRequest

[PATCH] couchdb won't work with debug version of spidermonkey

Rewrite couch_key_tree.erl

Ability to replace substrings in rewriter

Batching writes of BTree nodes (when possible) and in the DB updater

support load of external erlang modules in couchdb.

jquery couch list function and html response

Update autotools configuration

Fix a typo and confusing comment in 050-stream.t

Remove unnecessary btree lookup inside couch_db_updater

Remove code dublication in couch_key_tree.erl

Longpolling changes feed with filter and accidental Content-Length header stalls

Refactor couch_btree.erl

implement inclusive_start view option

Fix syntax highlighting in

binary optimization in couch_file

add delete options for controlling file deletion

Remove unused single backslash from a regular expression in

Allow CouchDB-managed OS daemons to include information in _active_tasks

CouchDB accepts data which it cannot replicate (invalid UTF-8 json
during replication)

Add deferred support to jquery.couch.js

Function 'require' undefined in reduce functions, cannot require CommonJS module

proxy with external api doesn't work

Better logger performance

Documentation for view function in jquery.couch.js needs work

Add Apache httpd-style common log access logging.

Inbox Database ("write-only" mode)
Yay! (:

Use Jiffy for JSON serialization

scanty error message when writing to uri_file fails

provides() does not supports returning a status code or headers

Indexer speedup (for non-native view servers)
This was reverted due to some problems with Windows build

calculate replication id using only db name in remote case

Asynchronous file writes

Add an ini file comment for the log.level option.

couch_db does not allow custom system database names

split code & create couch_httpd application

Replication hanging/failing on docs with lots of revisions

update_seq does not always reflect the seq of the latest document update

support X-Forwarded-* headers in couch_httpd

Implement _security as _local doc with revision trees

improve view filtering in changes

the requested_path that is passed to a show is wrong on a vhost with a path
CC Jason Smith

Running individual JS tests at the CLI fails

Emitting UTF-8 chars >= 0xD800 in JS map stops design doc from indexing

[PULL REQUEST] Fix the benchmark script ./test/bench/run so it runs


update wiki CSS in line with mailing list proposal

Problems with views on large documents JSONs
Possible solution in comments

null byte in string data dropped

Require admin privileges to read _all_dbs

The replicator should not worry about case sensitive headers

Anonymous Users and Non-Admins Can Read the Security Object

Remove usage of restart_core_server in favor of kill -TERM


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