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From Nick North <>
Subject Re: [1.4] windows builds -- join the fun**
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 16:42:41 GMT
I'm interested. All my work is Windows-based so I'm keen to extend the
Windows support community for CouchDb.

My timezone is GMT, and preferred communication mechanism is email as it's
not easy to guarantee times when I'll be available for skype/irc/etc.
Recorded walkthroughs might also be interesting.

I've been trying the Glazier instructions on a Win8 VM (and also a Win2012
Server VM, but with less success, so put that aside). I got as far as
the "Start a UNIX-friendly shell" section, where running shell.cmd throws
out an error for every blank line in - I'm not sure if this is
significant or some UNIX/MS-DOS line ending problem. But after that it's
unclear to me which directory I should be unpacking the Erlang distribution
to, and there is no werl directory, which I feel the shell script should
have created, so it feels as if something may have gone wrong for me in
this section. Currently I'm stuck here, and not sure what the directory
structure should look like before the "Configure and Build Erlang/OTP"


On 18 July 2013 16:48, Dave Cottlehuber <> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'd like to use 1.4 to get a few more people up to speed on how the
> windows build process works**, with the longer term aim of removing
> myself as a critical bus factor for the project, and having a group of
> Windows-friendly people to work on the roadmap towards Couch+Merges,
> where we can ditch most of my current approach and move to erlang
> releases and simpler/better tooling. Yay!
> Here's what you need:
> - reply to this thread so I know you're interested
>     - include your TZ ; is useful
>     - how you like to walk through the process
>        eg if you want a G+ hangout, skype call, prefer irc, email…
> - any recent windows box that has SDK 7.1 installed (no XP please)
> - you don't mind installing cygwin *and* mingw and some other stuff added
> to it
> - follow this
> - please report any embarassing fails to this thread
> You need ~ 12 GB disk space for a full install & all bits, but minimum
> RAM and only a single core.
> ASF committers are welcome to sign up for a free MSDN licence (no
> strings or costs attached) and you'll get a free ec2 micro equivalent
> instance in the azure cloud. Pretty good deal -- you can even run
> linux on it!
> A+
> Dave
> ** where fun and work are closely related to your desire for pain and
> self-inflicted punishment

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