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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "The_CouchDB_Vision" by NoahSlater
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 06:08:51 GMT
Oh, for God's sake.

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> any mention to martin luther king should be removed.Please don't associate
> his vision to something as ridiculous as a vision for a product.
> For the rest shouldn't this document link tothe still running thread and
> only collect raw ideas from all? there are indeed too much edit in this doc
> and it would be a way easier to find a concensuss on raw ideas that make
> the couch db vision than qan aleady edited text.
> On Jul 28, 2013 11:58 AM, "Apache Wiki" <> wrote:
>> Dear Wiki user,
>> You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Couchdb Wiki" for
>> change notification.
>> The "The_CouchDB_Vision" page has been changed by NoahSlater:
>> New page:
>> <<Include(EditTheWiki)>>
>> = The CouchDB Vision =
>> This is a WIP to move items from [[
our Why?" thread]] to a wiki page.
>> <<TableOfContents(2)>>
>> === Notes ===
>> "We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking
>> different. We do that with great design and a focus on the user experience.
>> We just happen to make computers."
>> I you talk about what you believe, you will attract those that believe
>> what you believe.
>> When you talk about what you believe, people will join you for their own
>> reasons, for their own purpose.
>> What you do simply serves as proof of what you believe.
>> "Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a dream' speech, not his 'i have a
>> plan' speech."
>> Our existing message stinks.
>> We need to figure out what we stand for, what we believe in. And then we
>> figure out how we're gonna do that.
>> This will define a consistent internal vision for the project and will
>> help us to attract people who believe in what we believe.
>> Once we have our why, it can inform our how.
>> When we're talking about product direction we can say "well, how is this
>> related to what we're trying to do here?"
>> Whatever this ends up looking like, I think this is how we should talk
>> about CouchDB. This structure could be a template for anything. A talk, a
>> sales pitch, the homepage itself. The important thing is that we start from
>> "why?" and we build up from foundations.
>> >From Jan:
>> "The number one thing that people did NOT like about CouchDB is that it is
>> confused. CouchDB has a torn identity, half database, half application
>> server. It wasn’t clear (and I am part responsible for this) what CouchDB
>> is and wants to be. In everybody’s defence, I think, it just took a while
>> to figure it out. Now is a good time to put our findings in writing and fix
>> this."
>> "The number one request from people was to clear up CouchDB’s story, to
>> have a clear, bold vision that captures people and that they can easily
>> understand and share and support and move forward."
>> "Before I lay it out, I understand that I will be ruffling some feathers.
>> I think that is both necessary and healthy. I think the picture I am going
>> to paint will make a lot of people in the CouchDB community happy, some
>> with concessions, but I utterly and strongly believe that this vision of
>> what CouchDB is has the power to set the course for the next five years of
>> the project and attract a whole lot of new people both as users and
>> contributors."
>> == Why? ==
>>  * What's your purpose?
>>  * What's your cause?
>>  * What's your belief?
>> Suggestions made:
>>  * peer-to-peer replication of apps and datasets
>>  * your data, everywhere
>>  * "relax"
>>  * Painless distributed systems
>>  * Decentralised web
>>  * Put the data where you need it
>>  * "I have a dream that distributed data will be easy"
>>  * "CouchDB almost wants to be the Git, for databases"
>>  * "We believe that distributed data should be easy"
>> >From Jan:
>> "I want to live in a world where people are empowered to understand and
>> are capable to decide where their data lives. I want to live in a world
>> where developers build apps that support that, not because they went out of
>> their way to implement it, but because it is a feature of the software
>> platform they are using."
>> "I want to be able to help people improve their lives in regions of the
>> world where ubiquitous network access isn’t — and sometimes that is just a
>> major western capital’s subway — but more likely is it a lesser developed
>> location, or a rural area that will never see mobile broadband, let alone
>> wired broadband because there is no financial incentive."
>> "I want to live in a world where technology solves more problems than it
>> creates. One of those ways is allow people to use software wherever they
>> are in whatever context they need it in. More often than not, that means
>> far away from fast network access[...]"
>> "My primary motivation for working on Apache CouchDB is to help build the
>> world I want to live in[...]"
>> == How? ==
>>  * How do we do it?
>>  * How does our product differentiate?
>>  * How are we different?
>>  * How are we better?
>> Suggestions made:
>>  * Schema-less/document-oriented
>>  * Replication
>>  * "of the web"
>>  * "some kind of big data handling"
>>  * "couchdb on their mobile"
>>  * we take care of your data
>>  * we take care of exchanging your data
>>  * we take care of rendering your data
>>  * We handle your data / you handle display
>>  * Painless multi-master replication
>>  * Effortless clustering and sharding
>>  * Co-location of data, queries, and views
>>  * Deep browser and platform integration
>>  * Built of the Web
>> >From Jan:
>> "In the past year I have interviewed a fair number of people, let’s say
>> 50, from those who have heard about CouchDB to users to core devs."
>> "The ONE feature that makes CouchDB relevant is multi-master replication.
>> There is no exception, this is the ONE thing that makes CouchDB
>> exceptional. NOBODY else has that, and even the decent proprietary
>> solutions that are just coming to market suck where we KICK ASS."
>> "There are many other things that people like about CouchDB: reliability,
>> no schema, HTTP interface, the view system, etc. But NONE of these people
>> would care if CouchDB didn’t have multi-master replication."
>> == What? ==
>>  * What do we do?
>>  * What do we make?
>> Suggestions made:
>>  * Erlang
>>  * HTTP
>>  * JSON
>>  * JavaScript
>>  * MapReduce
>>  * hoodie
>>  * kanso
>>  * erica
>>  * couchapp
>>  * Message hub (nodejistsu, hoodie are using couchdb as a message hub
>> somehow)

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