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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: Persona and BrowserID integration
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 03:30:02 GMT
My guess is "preferred" will depend on the usage type. Frankly IMO to
a first approximation, nobody uses disconnected operation anymore. (At
least, if they do, they have the resources to fork CouchDB.)

In practice, hosting a copy of include.js has been problematic. Logins
break every month or two. "Outsourced" mode will be more useful, for

However I think CouchDB has a moral duty to support disconnected
operation. So that is why both modes are in my plan.

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> I think having "all in house" solution is preferred since it will
> allow private local area networks to use such auth for CouchDB without
> need to access some remote resources. With browserid / persona it will
> be possible to have CouchDB as auth server for other instances, right?
> --
> ,,,^..^,,,
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 6:42 AM, Jason Smith <> wrote:
>> (Breaking off from the "IRC meeting" thread.)
>> Credit where it's due: The initial push for Persona in CouchDB came
>> from Randall Leeds.
>> Dirkjan says to use the hosted include.js file instead of serving it
>> internally. I kind of agree, but note that CouchDB hosts its own
>> JQuery. The priority is not that we match the latest spec, the
>> priority is that people can log in.
>> CouchDB should support disconnected operation. Where possible, we
>> should be able to authenticate without depending on a third-party over
>> the Internet. However I would like to achieve that by various
>> milestones of partial completion.
>> There are two (known) areas where my implementation relies on third parties.
>> 1. The include.js file
>> 2. Validating the client signature over
>> At this time, for #1 we host our own copy, and for #2 we outsource to
>> the web service, so that is inconsistent. I am thinking
>> of the following milestones:
>> 1. Everything outsourced.
>>   * Link to for include.js
>>   * Call out to for signature validation
>> 2. Erlang implementation of signature validation. This will take some
>> R&D, could be a nice newbie project
>> 3. Once Couch can do all the crypto "in-house," provide an option to
>> use either the self-contained implementation or else the
>> Internet-ready implementation. Most Persona logins will be to an
>> Internet server with a address.
>> My definition of success:
>> 1. Install CouchDB on a LAN
>> 2. Install a free software identity provider (IdP)
>> 3. Disconnect the LAN
>> 4. Create email accounts
>> 5. Authenticate to CouchDB over BrowserID

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