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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: [REVIEW] Docs update
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 00:16:56 GMT
On Jul 25, 2013, at 12:44 AM, Alexander Shorin wrote:
> That's why installation guides (from sources, using system package
> manager etc.) have to be in docs.

I'm not telling they shouldn't be there, I'm telling, in the doc, you want find all:

- Mac OS X
	Download the image (with the link to download)
	Install using MacPorts
	Install using Brew

- Linux
	Install using apt-get (Ubuntu, Debian)
	Install using yum (CentOS, RedHat, Fedora)
	Gentoo (someone still use Gentoo? Maybe the same one is using Ruby) :-)

- Windows
	Download the installation package

- You are a geek? Install from source! (here you can talk about dependencies and all that

I know how to install it, that's not the point. I'm making the devil's advocate. If I'm a
Mac OS X user, there is no way to know that I can install it from MacPorts unless reading
the wiki. Maybe I just read the documentation, and I can't find, in the doc, there is an image
to install it. I want read the manual, I want navigate to the Install section, choose Mac
OS X, and learn all the ways to install it.
The manual should teach you all, but it doesn't. I read it and I say: oh fuck, all those steps
to install CouchDB on a *nix system?

> Hm...the content is from:
> I hadn't add something from myself except formatting (:

I'm not telling that you are guilty, I'm suggesting how to improve the doc to make it useful
for newbies, that's all. Unfortunately I can't help, because I'm really busy working on the
ElephantOnCouch suite and rebuilding my site. This is my way to help, making suggestions;
if you think I'm wrong you can simply ignore them, I'm just a user like many others.

> You got the point, but from the opposite side (: Content is moving
> from wiki to docs in wiki is been deprecated in favour of docs.

And this is good. But when the doc is updated with the wiki content, there is no reason to
keep the same information there.

> Community still be able to easy contribute stuff with easy (see Edit
> on Github link on sidebar) without need to request registration
> permission, deal with some Moin-Moin systems etc.

This is what I said before in fact. I can simply edit and make a pull request on GitHub, instead
I can't change the wiki content, and I don't wanna do it, because I think that wiki should

Just to be clear, I have nothing against you, I'm just suggesting some improvements because
I think they can make a difference. In my opinion the documentation is fundamental.


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