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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Jul 17 19:16:38 2013
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:17:50 GMT
Excellent meeting everyone, thanks so much.

If you didn’t attend, I recommend reading through the logs :)


On Jul 17, 2013, at 22:12 , ASF IRC Services <> wrote:

> Members present: jan____, benoitc, djc, garren, nslater, xjrn, chewbranca, Kxepal
> ----------------
> Meeting summary:
> ----------------
> 1. Preface
> 2. 1.4 release
>  a. (Kxepal, 2)
> 3. rcouch merge
> 4. google hangouts
> 5. GitHub PR reviews / JIRA reviews
> 6. CouchDB conf
> IRC log follows:
> # 1. Preface #
> 19:16:53 [Kxepal]: topics are: 1.4 release and rcouch merge
> 19:16:54 [djc]: yay, Kxepal got bot privileges
> 19:17:23 [Kxepal]: feel free to propose others(:
> 19:17:31 [nslater]: let's go
> 19:17:46 [jan____]: Wohali: enjoy!
> # 2. 1.4 release #
> 19:18:16 [nslater]: okay
> 19:18:23 [nslater]: please see the thread "[RELEASE] [REQUEST] Prepare for next release"
> 19:18:26 [nslater]: also
> 19:18:46 [nslater]: i would like it if master was ready for the release process by tuesday
> 19:18:46 [Kxepal]: #link
> 19:19:01 [nslater]: i need help with this. as in, i cannot do this. you guys need to
do it for me :)
> 19:19:08 [nslater]: djc: is this a release you are interested in running?
> 19:19:22 [djc]: nslater: yes!
> 19:19:29 [jan____]: \o/
> 19:20:06 [Kxepal]: nslater: is the window of new patches / fixes / bugs still opened
till 23th?
> 19:20:08 [djc]: nslater: how do we do that? I try to run through your process and just
ask questions on email/IRC as necessary so I can clear up the process docs?
> 19:20:15 [nslater]: cool. i would say then, first thing is to look at that wiki page
i produced, and see what you can add to it. i want it to be a quick page that committers can
look at and just go "okay, i will run this command. ah, i see this thing needs adding to CHANGES"
or "ah, i see i can merge this thing i did last week"
> 19:20:35 [nslater]: it should also have some CTAs to check the github PR backlog, JIRA
tickets with patches, etc
> 19:20:42 [nslater]: it's a call to action for people to prep so you can hit the ground
> 19:20:49 [nslater]: obviously this is a Shitty First Draft
> 19:20:57 [nslater]: and i do not have the Git-fu to put any commands in there
> 19:21:12 [nslater]: so perhaps this is something you can work on and prod people about
in the run up to tuesday
> 19:21:12 [djc]: yeah, I looked at it
> 19:21:12 [djc]: will try to fill it in a bit
> 19:21:27 [nslater]: so, then on tuesday i can block out the whole evening
> 19:21:34 [nslater]: and i can pair with you on irc, or google hangout or whatever
> 19:22:05 [djc]: sounds good, you're UTC+1 right?
> 19:22:12 [nslater]: yeo
> 19:22:13 [nslater]: the release procedure doc itself is... in a transitory state. but
it's also 5 years old. so mature :)
> 19:22:30 [nslater]: however, i am usually the person reading it - so perhaps to someone
else it is stupid and hard to read. hehe
> 19:22:35 [djc]: transitory how?
> 19:22:49 [djc]: yeah, I'm assuming there will be corners that aren't clear to me
> 19:22:49 [nslater]: well, i have been re-thinking how to do the releases for the last
6 months or so
> 19:22:58 [nslater]: so there are bits in there that are changing each release as i figure
stuff out
> 19:23:15 [djc]: k
> 19:23:28 [nslater]: each release, i am adding stuff, etc. it's an iterative learning
> 19:23:45 [nslater]: anyway, cool - i will leave this up to you until monday and i'll
check in to make sure we're still good to go on tueaday
> 19:23:51 [djc]: yeah, I noticed throughout last releases
> 19:23:53 [nslater]: what TZ are you?
> 19:23:54 [djc]: okay, sounds good
> 19:23:59 [djc]: UTC+2, so we're close
> 19:24:06 [nslater]: ah, cool
> 19:24:14 [nslater]: you will need to chase people to get the changes in
> 19:24:20 [djc]: I know
> 19:24:20 [nslater]: 80% of being an RM is bugging people
> 19:24:27 [nslater]: 20% is cleaning up after people
> 19:24:34 [nslater]: the remaining 20% is sending emails
> 19:24:34 [nslater]: ACTION laughs
> 19:24:42 [djc]: I'll probably do some changelog stuff myself though, on the grounds of
me being docs team
> 19:24:45 [nslater]: sweeeet
> 19:24:49 [djc]: I don't think that will take up too much time
> 19:24:58 [nslater]: cool. do you have an AWS account btw?
> 19:25:06 [djc]: mmm, probably not
> 19:25:06 [nslater]: if not, you should create one. that's where i do the main build
> 19:25:15 [djc]: ok
> 19:25:20 [nslater]: could probably give you privs on mine somehow if that was a blocker
> 19:25:27 [nslater]: let's punt this discussion
> 19:25:29 [nslater]: unless there's anything else?
> 19:25:30 [djc]: definitely
> 19:25:36 [djc]: no, I think we're good for now
> 19:25:42 [nslater]: ooh! one more thing
> 19:25:50 [nslater]: at some point between now and tuesday, you should check to make sure
the build is working on jan's travis
> 19:26:04 [djc]: jan's jenkins, you mean?
> 19:26:04 [nslater]: this should be added to that wiki page i linked above
> 19:26:07 [nslater]: yes, sorry. hehe
> 19:26:14 [djc]: aight
> 19:26:21 [djc]: will add it in a few mins
> 19:26:21 [nslater]: the amount of time's i have wasted an entire evening of my life because
of not doing that
> 19:26:22 [nslater]: ACTION cries
> 19:26:37 [nslater]: okay, i'm done on this topic
> 19:27:02 [benoitc]: hrm
> 19:27:09 [benoitc]: 1.4 do we have anythong that new for an 1. 4 ?
> 19:27:17 [benoitc]: not an 1.3.3 
> 19:27:24 [benoitc]: ?
> 19:27:27 [nslater]: benoitc: whatever matser looks like next tues
> 19:27:31 [Kxepal]: benoitc: there is a new feature as public fields for _users db
> 19:27:32 [djc]: benoitc: we'll have fauxton!!!!!@!!!!!!!@!@!!1111
> 19:27:38 [nslater]: if someone slips in a feature, then we are 1.4
> 19:27:38 [Kxepal]: that breaks all his security (:
> 19:27:46 [djc]: I'm excited about fauxton
> 19:27:46 [nslater]: at the moment, there are no new features on master
> 19:27:46 [djc]: I want fauxton now
> 19:27:56 [Kxepal]: nslater: no, they are
> 19:28:01 [nslater]: (dont think fauxton counts as its hidden)
> 19:28:02 [benoitc]: fauxton is ok for 1.4 ? wasn't able to test a stable version recently
from the master
> 19:28:08 [djc]: (we'll ship it alongside Futon)
> 19:28:16 [nslater]: if its accessible then thats defo 1.4
> 19:28:23 [djc]: benoitc: I'm going to make sure it's ready!
> 19:28:23 [jan____]: I’d like to propose we merge in _db_updates from rcouch. I have
a branch ready to go (
> 19:28:38 [djc]: jan____: email PROPOSAL to list, please
> 19:28:46 [djc]: assuming lazy consensus?
> 19:28:53 [nslater]: djc: yep
> 19:28:55 [nslater]: lazy consensus fffftttw
> 19:29:01 [jan____]: djc: already drafting to send after the meeting
> 19:29:16 [jan____]: just wanted to clarify for the 1.4. discussion
> 19:29:31 [djc]: yeah, good
> 19:29:46 [Kxepal]: ok, moving forward?
> 19:30:02 [djc]: +1
> 19:30:08 [benoitc]: i doubt fauxtoon can be integrated for 1.4 though if it's 23th that
 if we are speaking of june
> 19:30:25 [benoitc]: anyway will retest when i have tim eto install the required toolchain
> 19:30:31 [jan____]: benoitc: fauxon is in master
> 19:30:53 [jan____]: benoitc: it just won’t replace Futon in /_utils for now
> 19:31:08 [djc]: benoitc: I don't see a problem, but I will test it
> 19:31:10 [benoitc]: jan____: yes, but didn't work so much last time my fault didn't report
anything. so will do a proper check
> 19:31:16 [benoitc]: anyway let's move on
> # 3. rcouch merge #
> 19:32:08 [benoitc]: so status. nothing was done last week. busybusy. but blocked tomorrow
to do all the boring admin stuff
> 19:32:09 [Kxepal]: benoitc: I know you're busy for now, but just to track things status.
how IP clearance going? any help required?
> 19:32:46 [benoitc]: i guess i don't miss aything but time
> 19:32:46 [djc]: rcouch is at the merge-to-non-master-branch stage, right?
> 19:32:56 [benoitc]: should be done tomorrow
> 19:32:56 [djc]: we're not talking about merging into master just yet?
> 19:32:58 [Kxepal]: djc: yes, like bigcouch
> 19:32:59 [benoitc]: djc: yes
> 19:33:04 [jan____]: djc: correct
> 19:33:26 [djc]: k
> 19:33:34 [Kxepal]: benoitc: great! staying tuned (: thanks!
> 19:33:42 [nslater]: so nothing blocking the ip clearance but your availability benoitc?
> 19:33:51 [benoitc]: nslater: yes
> 19:34:05 [nslater]: cool
> # 4. google hangouts #
> 19:34:43 [nslater]: yep! so. i was wondering if anyone here would be interested in experimenting
with google hangouts
> 19:34:59 [nslater]: you can record them, and post to youtube, so discussions would be
share with the community still
> 19:35:06 [Kxepal]: I'd like, but in listen-only and chat mode
> 19:35:13 [Kxepal]: no micro there for me ):
> 19:35:14 [nslater]: we could do one a month or something. i dunno
> 19:35:21 [djc]: for meetings?
> 19:35:21 [nslater]: djc: i dunno!
> 19:35:36 [nslater]: i only came up with this idea like 30 minutes ago
> 19:35:43 [djc]: I'd like maybe just doing the weekly meeting like that, maybe in two
> 19:35:44 [nslater]: i think i read that some other project had been doing it
> 19:35:59 [djc]: I do Mozilla meetings on Vidyo sometimes
> 19:36:08 [djc]: Vidyo sucks, but videoconferencing is kind of nice
> 19:36:09 [djc]: gives a better sense of people
> 19:36:31 [garren]: yeah google hangouts would be great.
> 19:36:38 [nslater]: i am not sure if it should replace the irc meetings (which are good
becasuse they are text base and more accessible) or whether they could supplement. so we could
have a hangout every month or whatever. and they could be structured, or unstructured, or
whatever suits
> 19:36:53 [nslater]: *based
> 19:37:02 [nslater]: jan____: interested to hear your thoughts on this
> 19:37:05 [xjrn]:
> 19:37:09 [jan____]: +1 :P
> 19:37:16 [djc]: nslater: IIRC you can do text-only participation in Hangouts
> 19:37:31 [jan____]: Hangouts can be good fun, espcially if we have a high-bandwidth discussion
to go through
> 19:37:31 [nslater]: ah, that's interesting
> 19:37:53 [jan____]: I’d definitely suggest we use them for having the bigcouch folks
expliain the code to the non-BC couch devs
> 19:38:16 [nslater]: yeah, that would be an interesting way to get a feel for how they
might work for us
> 19:38:16 [djc]: +1
> 19:38:16 [nslater]: could do the same with fauxton too
> 19:38:33 [jan____]: +10
> 19:38:41 [garren]: I would say it would be great to have a google hangout on a specific
> 19:38:47 [benoitc]: i don't really see the point, +0 on that. maybe goof for informal
stuff though
> 19:38:47 [garren]: So maybe around like replication.
> 19:38:49 [nslater]: heck we could have regular monthly "show and tells" where a dev goes
over a bit of the code they are familiar with
> 19:39:01 [jan____]: anyone, if you want to organise this, please run with it
> 19:39:23 [jan____]: nslater: yes! in the erlang@c.a.o spirit
> 19:39:23 [nslater]: man, that would be such a great resource to anyone trying to get
to grips with contributing
> 19:39:24 [benoitc]: i would prefer an text format fr show and tell 
> 19:39:31 [jan____]: love it
> 19:39:31 [nslater]: to have an archive of videos where lead devs go over bits of the
> 19:39:32 [benoitc]: so you don't have to watch a video 
> 19:39:38 [nslater]: woo! wow! great idea!
> 19:39:40 [djc]: I think Fauxton should be the first one
> 19:39:46 [benoitc]: or participate to it
> 19:39:46 [nslater]: benoitc: we could provide transcripts
> 19:39:46 [djc]: since that's topical for the release
> 19:39:54 [nslater]: benoitc: i am happy to volunteer for doing some of tht
> 19:40:08 [djc]: Fauxton guys, can we get any of you to propose a time sometime next week
or the week after for that?
> 19:40:08 [jan____]: benoitc: videos are definitely complementary
> 19:40:16 [jan____]: benoitc: not exclusive
> 19:40:31 [Kxepal]: back to the days of CouchDB presentations on OReilly platform? should
be fun(: +1
> 19:40:53 [benoitc]: jan____ and that's ok
> 19:41:01 [garren]: djc: with fauxton do you want us to go through the code base or just
demo it?
> 19:41:01 [nslater]: ACTION does a jig
> 19:41:16 [nslater]: garren: i think the code base would be super interesting
> 19:41:47 [garren]: nslater: great I would be happy to do that. chewbranca maybe we can
team up and do a demo.
> 19:42:01 [nslater]: garren: specifically i am now imagining a youtube channel full of
introductory material for different bits of couchdb, something a prospective contributor could
watch, and think "hey! i understand that! i could contribute!"
> 19:42:24 [nslater]: a video that demos how to use fauxton would also be interesting
> 19:42:38 [chewbranca]: that would be cool
> 19:42:39 [djc]: garren: demo for like 5m, then high-level dive into codebase?
> 19:42:53 [garren]: nslater: that would work for us. We busy implementing a new testing
framework and we need to write a bunch of tests. We could do a demo on how to write tests
for fauxton and sample the code.
> 19:42:53 [jan____]: +100000000
> 19:43:03 [nslater]: djc: i am thinking two separate vids. then we can promote them seperately
> 19:43:09 [nslater]: the demo is more marketing collateral
> 19:43:09 [chewbranca]: I'm giving an OSCON talk next week and building an app with Fauxton,
not sure if it will be publicly visible, but if so would be interesting for using Fauxton
> 19:43:16 [benoitc]: let me think that rather than using one techno we could aliment a
feed of all videos , texts, recording about couch
> 19:43:16 [nslater]: great stuff for putting on the website, blogging, etc
> 19:43:31 [benoitc]: as a tool to look in 
> 19:43:41 [nslater]: chewbranca: yes!
> 19:43:53 [nslater]: chewbranca: i want to blog the shit out of that
> 19:43:53 [jan____]: benoitc: the collection is a secondary step, we should expand on
> 19:43:55 [chewbranca]: sweet
> 19:44:01 [jan____]: but lets produce that content first :)
> 19:44:08 [nslater]: wait, is a thing?
> 19:44:24 [chewbranca]: I've also got a fun idea for taking my Blouch app and building
a Fauxton addon so you can have a blog admin completely separated and as a tab in Fauxton
> 19:44:31 [chewbranca]: that would be a fun blog post too
> 19:44:34 [nslater]: +100
> 19:45:01 [jan____]: nslater: totally
> 19:45:01 [benoitc]: there are already content around 
> 19:45:16 [nslater]: benoitc: if you wanna round up some existing content, that would
be great!
> 19:45:16 [garren]: chewbranca: we could maybe do a google hangout in 2 weeks time then.
> 19:45:38 [benoitc]: while we are and show and tell, i think we could go for smth like
> 19:45:46 [chewbranca]: I'm on holiday through wednesday of that week, but thursday/friday
I'll be around, I would be game for hopping in a hangout and chatting more
> 19:46:01 [jan____]: ok, other topics?
> 19:46:08 [chewbranca]: COUCHDB CONF
> 19:46:16 [chewbranca]: :D
> 19:46:31 [nslater]: ACTION does a dance
> 19:46:47 [Kxepal]: benoitc: interesting
> # 5. GitHub PR reviews / JIRA reviews #
> 19:47:16 [nslater]: cool
> 19:47:37 [benoitc]: want to expand?
> 19:47:45 [nslater]: so a few weeks ago someone (sorry! i forgot!) mentioned doing jira
/ github (can't remember which) burndowns on irc
> 19:47:52 [chewbranca]: me garren deathbear and drsm79- keep talking about doing a futon/fauxton
jira party but haven't had a chance yet
> 19:47:52 [nslater]: did that go ahead? is it still going ahead?
> 19:48:07 [chewbranca]: I suggested it but have not done much yet :/
> 19:48:07 [benoitc]: me i think
> 19:48:22 [benoitc]: ah too
> 19:48:22 [benoitc]: so 
> 19:48:22 [chewbranca]: Kxepal has been running with things and did a solid cleanup run
of JIRA issues
> 19:48:24 [benoitc]: about that
> 19:48:29 [chewbranca]: we've still got github PRs to go through
> 19:48:30 [nslater]: i was hoping for a weekly review meeting
> 19:48:37 [chewbranca]: and futon/fauxton JIRA issues to consolidate
> 19:48:44 [nslater]: so we can just burn down and take any actions, prioritise, etc
> 19:48:52 [nslater]: i guess whoever wants to run with this can head up the triage team
> 19:48:52 [Kxepal]: nslater: +1 for review meetings. threre are a lot of patches awaits
for the decision..
> 19:48:59 [benoitc]: in the project docker they have a bot merging changes from different
> 19:48:59 [nslater]: (which should totally be a thing btw)
> 19:49:14 [chewbranca]: does it make sense to have a separate meeting? or just do it in
this meeting?
> 19:49:23 [Kxepal]: better separate to focus on code
> 19:49:29 [nslater]: chewbranca: not sure. at this stage, i think it doesnt matter where
it happens
> 19:49:38 [nslater]: it just needs to be 'appening! :)
> 19:49:43 [chewbranca]: agreed
> 19:49:51 [benoitc]: i would prefer review questions on the ml
> 19:49:51 [nslater]: note: we've never had this, in the whole history of the project
> 19:50:01 [nslater]: so this would be a *major* step forward for us
> 19:50:24 [nslater]: discussion and hard decisions can be punted to the ML or to the JIRA
in question
> 19:50:33 [nslater]: but i think it would be good to just have a regular review
> 19:50:40 [benoitc]: pardon my french, but such meeting would be really boring
> 19:50:46 [nslater]: there are probably plenty of things that are just waiting for someone
to press a button or type a thing
> 19:50:53 [chewbranca]: I think it would be useful to run through open PRs and JIRA issues
as a group and basically triage them, then have more in depth discussions on the mailing list
> 19:50:56 [jan____]: benoitc: than don’t attend
> 19:51:01 [chewbranca]: benoitc: it needs to be done though, we've got 15 open PRs right
> 19:51:16 [jan____]: benoitc: all important decisions will satay on JIRA/dev@ so no worries.
> 19:51:16 [Kxepal]: benoitc: for some issues better ML format, but others required a bit
active discussion to understand for it works, should and make it to..
> 19:51:23 [nslater]: yes, meetings are meant to be useful, not fun :) if you want fun,
open a beer and sit outside for a bit ;)
> 19:51:24 [benoitc]: jan____: that's not the point. we need to find tool to increase the
number of reviews
> 19:51:25 [chewbranca]: ideally we burn down the list, figure out a game plan, then get
thigns manageable so we can address the handful of new things every week
> 19:51:40 [benoitc]: not another meeting
> 19:51:53 [nslater]: it could be as simple as just assigning the ticket to someone and
bumping them
> 19:52:02 [jan____]: benoitc: people are exceited about an IRC meeting as that tool, please
don’t shoot that down
> 19:52:08 [benoitc]: meetings blocks time where askingf for reviews or go in the source
would be imo wuite more construtive
> 19:52:31 [jan____]: benoitc: again, you don’t have to be at that meeting
> 19:52:46 [benoitc]: would be
> 19:52:53 [nslater]: anyway
> 19:52:53 [jan____]: but please don’t discourge people here who want to do that to bring
the proejct forward 
> 19:53:01 [benoitc]: that's not the point again
> 19:53:01 [benoitc]: lack of review ?
> 19:53:01 [nslater]: is anything interested in running such a meeting as an experiment?
> 19:53:03 [benoitc]: why?
> 19:53:16 [benoitc]: and why do you think blocking 1h would increase that?
> 19:53:31 [djc]: nslater: I wouldn't mind running that
> 19:53:31 [nslater]: djc: sweet
> 19:53:38 [benoitc]: wherestarting by asking for review on the ml would be the simpler
> 19:53:39 [djc]: since I probably don't have much to actually contribute on the issues,
> 19:53:53 [jan____]: benoitc: let people do their thing
> 19:54:01 [nslater]: me either. i am happy to sit in on a few and see what it's like,
see if i can help
> 19:54:01 [jan____]: benoitc: and then you can do your thing
> 19:54:08 [jan____]: benoitc: and hten we all get more done
> 19:54:16 [djc]: so action item for me to do a proposal on how and when to set that up
> 19:54:23 [benoitc]: then why discussing it...
> 19:54:23 [nslater]: sweet
> 19:54:23 [benoitc]: ok.
> 19:54:55 [chewbranca]: a minimum that I would like to see is something discussed in this
meeting like "hey all, a new PR came in related to X? who can look at it? #action Y to look
at X"
> 19:55:01 [nslater]: djc: could do it as a run on from this meeting, perhaps? so you can
stick around if you wanna do the ticket burn down. or, i guess, pick another day. i am not
sure what is gonna work for most people
> 19:55:18 [benoitc]: chewbranca: that would imply to follow irc
> 19:55:23 [nslater]: chewbranca: there's one step before that
> 19:55:25 [djc]: nslater: I want to think about it a bit
> 19:55:31 [benoitc]: irc is instant not async
> 19:55:38 [chewbranca]: nslater: yeah, we need to knock down the list before we can get
to that
> 19:55:53 [nslater]: chewbranca: for each issue that comes in, a bit of triage should
be done. as in, is this valid? can we tell the person to add X or Y before we pass this on
to a dev
> 19:55:53 [Kxepal]: benoitc: don't worry - we'll try, see how effective it works and throw
it away if it's ineffective (: I see your point and for some cases you're right and irc might
be not best tool for active reviewing
> 19:56:18 [nslater]: djc: cools
> 19:57:03 [nslater]: djc: it might be the case that after a few meetings, a certain workflow
is established that doesn't even need an irc meeting. i.e. it could just be a thing that a
group of people calendar each week and spend an hour on or whatever
> 19:57:23 [jan____]: benoitc: also, in *any* case, everything can be brought up on dev@
and reverted in git. so let people just run with the momentum and see how it goes.
> 19:57:26 [nslater]: should be easy enough to generate a report of un-triaged issues,
or issues that are wilting due to lack of attention
> 19:57:53 [nslater]: okay, that's it for me. let's leave this with djc :D
> 19:58:17 [nslater]: djc one thing i would note is that django does THE BEST trigaging
of any OSS project i have ever seen
> 19:58:23 [benoitc]: another topic probably what about going for a system where a commit
need a review. so devs would be maybe more inclined to review (if they can)  
> 19:58:26 [nslater]: if you dip into their tickets, you'll see what i mean
> 19:59:01 [nslater]: they have a team of people (who are mostly not committers, but are
trying to "earn their colours", who are going through on a daily basis, categorising issues,
closing obvious wont fix ones, and then assigning to core devs)
> 19:59:03 [nslater]: it's a very impressive operation
> 19:59:08 [jan____]: benoitc: great idea, lets explore that once the triage team is in
full swing
> 19:59:08 [djc]: nslater: I'll see if I can find out more about what django does
> 19:59:23 [nslater]: cool
> 19:59:38 [jan____]: I hear Django merges your patches even before you post them
> 19:59:54 [nslater]: and then JKM pours you a beer
> 20:00:08 [nslater]: okay. looks like we're done
> 20:00:11 [nslater]: any other topics?
> 20:00:41 [jan____]: time’s up!
> 20:00:42 [nslater]: cool
> 20:00:56 [djc]: good meeting this time :)
> 20:01:03 [nslater]: yeah. GREAT meeting
> 20:01:18 [djc]: I also feel like maybe the other meeting time doesn't work so well
> 20:01:25 [djc]: but maybe that's okay
> 20:01:54 [chewbranca]: wait
> 20:02:08 [chewbranca]: I've got a quick topic for COUCHDB CONF
> 20:02:18 [Kxepal]: chewbranca: just in time!
> # 6. CouchDB conf #
> 20:02:34 [jan____]: great meeting everyone, thanks!
> 20:02:38 [chewbranca]: CouchDB Conf Cascadia is officially a go!!!
> 20:02:52 [chewbranca]: November 13th in Vancouver, Canada
> 20:02:52 [jan____]: OMG ZOMG !
> 20:02:54 [djc]: nice :)
> 20:03:08 [chewbranca]: we're going to piggy back off of cascadia.js
> 20:03:16 [chewbranca]: which is happening November 14-15th
> 20:03:26 [chewbranca]: so we'll be at the same venue and do a single day conference
> 20:03:47 [jan____]: benoitc: [off] nope
> 20:04:09 [chewbranca]: officially as the logistics for sharing a conference with Carter
who is running cascadia.js and also Cloudant picking up costs for venue and what not
> 20:04:32 [chewbranca]: and also for having someone to run through and make sure everything
gets setup
> 20:04:33 [jan____]: chewbranca: that is all fucking fantastic <3
> 20:05:02 [chewbranca]: I'll send out more information soon, and we'll do something for
proposals and what not
> 20:05:18 [chewbranca]: we've got a full day, and no set plans on agenda or format, so
we can run with things
> 20:05:25 [benoitc]: love the 1 day format
> 20:05:39 [chewbranca]: and for those of you interested in javascript, cascadia.js is
a damn fine conference, Carter can throw a conference, I highly recommend attending
> 20:06:08 [chewbranca]: proposals are out for cascadia.js as well
> 20:06:18 [chewbranca]: I'm planning on proposing a talk for cascadia.js about Fauxton
> 20:06:46 [Kxepal]: chewbranca: will video and/or slides be available from it?
> 20:06:51 [nslater]: chewbranca: who is organising it?
> 20:07:08 [chewbranca]: those are my updates for the moment, conference is a go on november
13th in Vancouver, Canada
> 20:07:13 [nslater]: chewbranca: please make sure to coordinate with private@couchdb.a.o
> 20:07:56 [chewbranca]: nslater: Yuriy from Cloudant is coordinating logistics of the
conference itself, and I'll help out in terms of planning and proposals from the community
> 20:08:03 [benoitc]: linked we should do smth with
> 20:08:13 [chewbranca]: nslater: sure, let me know what is needed and I'll send info along
> 20:08:20 [nslater]: chewbranca: cool thanks. please direct all branding / event approval
stuff to private@
> 20:08:33 [chewbranca]: benoitc: agreed, that's the plan
> 20:08:56 [nslater]: chewbranca: please see
> 20:09:03 [nslater]: chewbranca: specifically
> 20:09:42 [nslater]: chewbranca: initial email should be sent to trademarks@apache, and
> 20:09:51 [chewbranca]: nslater: ahhh good to know
> 20:09:56 [chewbranca]: I'll send that out today
> 20:10:04 [nslater]: chewbranca: i would also like to co-ordinate on marketing / promotion
> 20:10:33 [nslater]: chewbranca: (those should be two separate threads, so as not to bog
trademarks@ down)
> 20:10:49 [chewbranca]: nslater: sounds good
> 20:11:03 [nslater]: cool
> 20:12:41 [Kxepal]: ASFBot: meeting end

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