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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Port _db_updates from rcouch to master
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:00:23 GMT
Hi all,

I would like to propose (lazy consensus) to port the _db_updates 
feature from rcouch to master before the next release.

The code exists in a branch on ASF git (1684-feature-db-updates).

Copying the full commit status:

Import _db_updates from rcouch.

This creates a new top level API endpoint: `/_db_updates`
that returns a line of JSON for each database event along
with the database name.

A database event is one of `created`, `updated`, `deleted`.

The API endpoint supports a `?feed=` parameter with the
options: `longpoll`, `continuous` and `eventsource`.

A second parameter `timeout=` specifies when the server should
close the connection.

`longpoll` closes the connection after a single notification.
It is the default option.

`continuous` keeps a socket open until the specified `timeout`
or 60 seconds by default.

`eventsource` works like continuous, but sends the data in
EventSource format. See

The parameters are modelled after the existing `/_changes` API
endpoint. Note that `/_db_updates` does not support resuming
of notifications via a sequence ID.

This is a port of the existing DbUpdateNotification interface
to the HTTP API.

Functional changes compared to rcouch:

 - make _db_updates an admin-only resource


 - updated api/misc to include basic info on `/_db_updates`


  Apache 2 license, updated LICENSE.


  (c) 2012 Benoit Chesneau, updated NOTICE.


 - only manual testing of the various API differences due to
   complications with asynchronous HTTP requests in the JS
   test suite and total annoyance of overly complicated
   ibrowse/httpc modules for writing etap tests.

Recommendation to ship this as EXPERIMENTAL until we have tests.


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