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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Jul 24 13:06:16 2013
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 13:26:00 GMT
Members present: jan____, JasonSmith, daleharvey, Kxepal

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Mozilla Persona and OAuth merge

3. Robert's birthday
(Kxepal, 3)
  b. everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rnewson and wish him well and relax (: (Kxepal, 3)

- everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rnewson and wish him well and relax (: (Kxepal, 13:21:41)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
13:06:47 [JasonSmith]: I want to beg the meeting's pardon and ask to be reminded about the
current branch/merge policy

# 2. Mozilla Persona and OAuth merge #
13:07:16 [JasonSmith]: I want to merge in two related "plugins" I've maintained for a while
13:07:38 [JasonSmith]: I will get the style consistent and stuff but mostly I want to just
announce that fact, and also ask to be reminded about the branch/merge/JIRA policy for new
13:08:08 [daleharvey]: JasonSmith: so I hate to be that person, because it happens way to
much in couch land, but I was thinking about the browser_id plugin stuff
13:08:16 [Kxepal]: JasonSmith: afaik, quite simple: create issue, create feature branch with
issues number as prefix, made required commits, when you're ready send PROPOSAL MERGE request
for review. and merge into master
13:08:31 [daleharvey]: do you think a 'one database per user' plugin would be more useful
than the browser_id one?
13:08:32 [JasonSmith]: Kxepal: Oh, right, how could I have forgotten. thanks :)
13:08:54 [JasonSmith]: daleharvey: What do you mean by "one db per user" plugin?
13:09:08 [JasonSmith]: I mean, is that a feature of the browserid plugin or something else?
13:09:24 [JasonSmith]: (Also, we can explore questions like yours in the form of code in the
branch, before I merge it to master or wherever)
13:10:09 [Kxepal]: you mean that browserid plugin will be able to restrict user access
to specific database(s?) ?
13:10:31 [Kxepal]: without need to setup _security things for every database
13:10:31 [jan____]: hi all, I’m doing a workshop today, I can only half-listen
13:10:38 [daleharvey]: JasonSmith: oh snap, for some reason I confused your plugin with what
I am writing, please ignore
13:11:50 [JasonSmith]: Kxepal: I see. That discussion (whatever it is about) is unrelated
to my browserid stuff
13:12:02 [JasonSmith]: daleharvey: Do you know offhand what I am supposed to call it, Persona
or BrowserID?
13:12:09 [daleharvey]: persona
13:12:09 [JasonSmith]: One is a protocol and the other is a $thing
13:12:10 [JasonSmith]: Love it.
13:12:32 [JasonSmith]: Okay, they share some common code but basically I will make two JIRA
tickets. Thanks Kxepal 
13:13:56 [Kxepal]: JasonSmith: thanks to you for these plugins (:
13:14:47 [JasonSmith]: Ok that was all I myself explicitly wanted to cover today

# 3. Robert's birthday #
13:21:20 [Kxepal]: #link
13:21:41 [Kxepal]: #action everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rnewson and wish him well and relax
13:22:28 [daleharvey]: lol, happy birthday bob
13:23:11 [JasonSmith]: Happy birthday, rnewson!
13:25:58 [Kxepal]: ASFBot: meeting end

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