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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject R16B01 + Homebrew, Archlinux etc
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 10:12:16 GMT
Hi folks,

Currently Couch is holding back installation on OS X of things like
Elixir (needs >= R16B) because we don't yet support that.

What's the best way (from our perspective) of sorting this out? Some ideas:

1. a special 1.4.0 release that only support R15B+ is 1.3.1 + the
changes that are only on master at the moment (
1696-update-mochiweb-2-4-2 branch).

2. providing homebrew with a .patch file that sits on top of 1.3.1
release, using a backport approach like macports does
(1696-backport-mochiweb-2-4-2-1.3.x branch).

3. a stable 1.3.1+R16B-backport fork for homebrew with the same fix as
#2.. I would be ok to maintain that until the next master-based
release if required.
(1696-backport-mochiweb-2-4-2-1.3.x branch again). This would be fine
for homebrew team I think.

Would this work for other platforms that tend to use a current Erlang?

Note that the 2.4.2 mochiweb is the *last* release that still supports
< R15B, and it's already at 2.6.0.

Upgrading past v2.4.2 bring us fixes related
 to tcp error handling differences between between R14/15/16:
any opinion on whether this should be included too?


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