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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Jun 12 13:12:02 2013
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 13:39:45 GMT
Members present: jan____, rnewson, djc, Kxepal

Meeting summary:

1. 1.3.1 vote
  a. MOAR VOTES PLS (by jan_____)

2. bigcouch ip clearance

- MOAR VOTES PLS (by jan_____) (Kxepal, 13:12:22)

IRC log follows:

# 1. 1.3.1 vote #
[13:12:22]    Kxepal: #action MOAR VOTES PLS (by jan_____)

# 2. bigcouch ip clearance #
[13:13:18]    Kxepal: rnewson: it's ready, your turn (:
[13:13:31]    rnewson: k.
[13:13:49]    rnewson: so we've got a signed release thingy from
Cloudant now, I updated
[13:14:09]    thriqon has joined
[13:14:13]    rnewson: I'm looking for someone else to pick up the
rest of the process, I don't know what to do and I don't have a lot of
time to do it.
[13:14:34]    rnewson: I think we only need to fix up copyright
headers and such, but I'm not sure
[13:15:21]    jan____: Check and make sure that the files that have
been donated have been updated to reflect the new ASF copyright.
[13:15:27]    jan____: is what it says :)
[13:15:35]    jan____: that means the licenese headers and such
[13:15:42]    rnewson: yeah
[13:15:49]    rnewson: and they haven't, so what next?
[13:16:00]    rnewson: do we start over, etc?
[13:16:11]    jan____: add the Apache license headers everywhere
[13:16:56]    jan____: "start over"?
[13:17:37]    rnewson: Once I change the headers, that's a new
tarball, which was step 1.
[13:17:51]    rnewson: so "start over" means "do we have to begin
again with a new tarball as if I didn't already do things"
[13:18:00]    rnewson: I don't know, the doc is silent on that.
[13:18:32]    rnewson: bottom line: I don't know what I'm doing (new
member!) and I'm holding up the process by not doing anything.
[13:18:52]    rnewson: we can leave it that way, and I'll muddle
through it when I have time, here and there, but it adds weeks to this
(supposedly quick) process.
[13:19:05]    rnewson: it's y'alls calls. It's on me for now, and will
happen eventually.
[13:19:12]    jan____: well, the asf headers need to go in at some
point, so you may as well do that. no need to wait for anything
[13:19:12]    Kxepal: is there someone on the other side to ping about?
[13:19:28]    rnewson: *shrug* I can't stress enough how much I don't know.
[13:19:55]    jan____: I hereby decree the following procedure:
[13:20:18]    jan____: 1. leave the donated tarball in place.
[13:20:34]    jan____: 2. prepare the branch that we will eventually
import with ASF licenses.
[13:20:58]    jan____: 3. note in that
the license update has been done.
[13:21:22]    jan____: 4. continue with the "verify distribution
rights" part of the procedure, which seems obvious.
[13:21:31]    jan____: 5. submit for vote on incubator@
[13:21:42]    rnewson: ok. thanks.
[13:24:07]    djc: rnewson: are there mechanics I can help with?
[13:24:12]    djc: e.g. updating those headers
[13:24:41]    Kxepal: jan____: awesome! copypasted for docs - I feel
we need some stuff about contribution non-ASF things for future
[13:24:46]    rnewson: I can take care of that, not sure what I'll use
yet but it's straightforward.
[13:24:57]    djc: ok
[13:25:16]    rnewson: is the 'oops, tarball needs modifying?' aspect
that threw me. no info on that. I'll do what jan____ said.
[13:28:10]    Kxepal: ok, anyone has another topic?
[13:29:49]    Kxepal: meeting end


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