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From Randall Leeds <>
Subject State of Debian Packaging
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 17:53:31 GMT
I saw that my packaging efforts came up in the IRC meeting yesterday
and I wasn't there to report.

Here's what's done:
 - Imported the most up-to-date .dsc from unstable using git-buildpackage tools
 - Imported the rc.2 release tarball that passed vote
 - Updated to use the virtual libcurl-dev, so it should work with the
gnutls or openssl version
 - Split the packaging into couchdb and couchdb-bin as Ubuntu did downstream
 - Dropped patches now included upstream
 - Published to github at

You can try it by installing git-buildpackage, cloning the pkg-couchdb
repository, using git-dch to create a new debian/changelog entry for
1.3.1, and running git-buildpackage.

Here's what remaining to be done, based on my notes from previous
conversations with Laszlo and others:
 - Use system libyajl-dev
 - Use system libspeedy-dev
 - Use system libjs-json
 - Use system libjs-coffeescript
 - Publish to

The first 4 are Debian policy issues. As far as I'm concerned, it's
not critical to fix this before we publish a .deb on the Apache
mirrors. Doing this work ourselves would mean that Laszlo doesn't have
to and we'd have Debian packaging in a repo that's ready for the
official repo distribution.

For the last, please advise what the best practice is. Is there an
official place within our project that we're currently storing the
windows and mac binary packaging or are you all doing that outside the
ASF and just uploading the result?

I opened these as issues on the github repo I set up.

Laszlo: If you already have a repo for this work anywhere that you
would prefer I use I would be glad to collaborate there.

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