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From Noah Slater <>
Subject [REQUEST] Merge changes for CouchDB 1.3.1
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 17:32:47 GMT
Dear community,

We plan to release CouchDB 1.3.1 this month.

# Tidying up the release branch

To get a list of chnages on 1.3.x since we made the 1.3.0 release, run:

    git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline 1.3.0..1.3.x

Right now, this is showing:

    869f42e COUCHDB-1788 - tolerate undefined source/target when reading
_replicator docs
    9d41ea8 Make cardinality of result explicit, remove join hacks
    bd0342d Add entries to NEWS and CHANGES for documentation
    4d939c3 Add 1.3.1 section to NEWS and CHANGES
    5e64395 Stop couchdb test server instance after javascript tests
    37341af Add return value to waitForSuccess method.
    9838eef Refactor javascript runner script to handle couchdb restarts.
Single interpreter per test.
    0208778 PUT call to database that is not guaranted to exist.
    6bbb1cc Remove setup functions from test runner, only allow a single
test to be run at a time.
    e1bfac2 Added supplementary functions for running tests from command

The CHANGES entry for 1.3.1 is showing:


The NEWS entry for 1.3.1 is showing:


Please take the time to edit these files so that they reflect the existing
changes on this branch.

# Merging fixes into master

This is also the time to consider whether you have any fixes that could
land in master, and by extension, the 1.3.x branch. If you've been working
on a branch, please review your changes, and merge in anything that seems

You can review your changes against master by running:

    git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline FROM..TO

If you can think of any other command that would help, or any tooling we
might want to make, please let me know. I'd like these emails to make
things as easy as possible for people to just run a few commands and get
the right stuff merged into the right places.

# Merging master into the release branch

Because the 1.3.x branch is the most release branch, all changes on master
should be merged into it before we do the release.

TODO: What Git command best shows this? "git log --pretty=oneline
1.3.x..master" produces lost of spurious results. Bob tells me this is
because we've been doing a lot of cherry-picking. I really want to figure
out how we can make this easier to do. Perhaps even something kludgy like a
script that runs this, but greps out known commits that don't count.

TODO: Can someone please figure out what the true diff is (by diff, I
really mean log) and share it with the list, or better yet, just merge it
in. Either way. I'd like to know how to run this off myself in future so I
can send it out with these emails.

Thanks for your help. This is going to be rough the first time we do it.
But these regular releases should be massively beneficial to the project,
and we will get better at them with practice (and automation).

For more information, see:

For the release calendar, see:

Per the release procedure, I will start a DISCUSS thread in one week, so I
am hoping most of the changes have been made by then.



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