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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject Re: wiki choice: moinmoin vs confluence
Date Thu, 09 May 2013 10:46:15 GMT
> Anyway, I'm really excited about CouchDB and I really want to contribute to
> the global documentation out there, but MoinMoin ain't making it easy. I
> really think that a move to a better documentation tool could be a huge
> push to CouchDB's adoption. Thanks for listening.

Have you seen the new Sphinx-based docs? I think they're a huge
improvement over both the wiki and the book drafts. Personally, I
think it would make a lot of sense to invest more time in those,
rather than moving wiki content around. We could port wiki content
that's missing from the docs to reST so it gets included in every
CouchDB release (where it's easily accessible through Futon).

I think the biggest problem with the wiki is that wikis require a lot
of what I tend to think of as "gardening" to make them easy to
navigate. I don't think MoinMoin is the larger problem here (though I
tend to agree that it's pretty unattractive).

If we want to go one step further with reST, it would even be possible
to have similar handling for the blog. I use Pelican for my personal
blog and it uses reST as well. We could have a directory "blog" in the
tree somewhere where people can collaborate on blog entries which
subsequently get published to the interwebz.



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