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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed May 29 12:59:32 2013
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 13:33:21 GMT
Members present: djc, benoitc, garren, rnewson, Kxepal

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2.  ip clearance for bigcouch

3. fauxton
  a. djc with garren's help to port fauxton build instruction to sphinx docs (Kxepal, 3)

4. 1.3.1 release
  a. fauxton team to add fauxton issues to JIRA (Kxepal, 4)

- djc with garren's help to port fauxton build instruction to sphinx docs (Kxepal, 13:20:51)
- fauxton team to add fauxton issues to JIRA (Kxepal, 13:23:28)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
12:59:33 [Kxepal]: ASFBot: meeting start
12:59:49 [Kxepal]: any topics around?
13:00:04 [rnewson]: Kxepal: ip clearance for bigcouch.
13:01:18 [benoitc]: fauxton, need of documentation and such in the repo
13:02:02 [benoitc]: of course if there is someone at this hour
13:02:09 [benoitc]: btw for who are we running at this hour ?
13:02:16 [benoitc]: (which is also a topic)
13:02:18 [rnewson]: good question.
13:03:01 [garren]: hi
13:03:01 [Kxepal]: benoitc: you mean why so early?
13:03:17 [benoitc]: ell in the middle of afternoon but yes
13:04:09 [benoitc]: i suggest to discuss that later or via the ml though
13:04:23 [benoitc]: i think we probably need a doodle to find the right hour for everyone
13:04:25 [Kxepal]: I believe we'd reach agreement at the last meeting to have different times
(19:00 and 13:00 UTC) for meetings to attract more people from different timezones
13:04:32 [benoitc]: which can change over weeks
13:05:23 [Kxepal]: however, it's an experiment, afaik
13:05:26 [Kxepal]: ok, let's start

# 2.  ip clearance for bigcouch #
13:05:41 [benoitc]: wll 13 utc is 15 hour here
13:05:41 [benoitc]: ok
13:05:43 [Kxepal]: rnewson, your turn (:
13:06:18 [rnewson]: I've been remiss at pushing the ip clearance of the bigcouch merger work.
I'm committing to doing it before the next meeting.
13:06:33 [rnewson]: now that I'm a Member of the ASF, I think I can do the entire thing myself
(cc nslater).
13:08:49 [djc]: okay, anything else?
13:10:16 [Kxepal]: rnewson: thanks (:

# 3. fauxton #
13:10:47 [Kxepal]: cc benoitc garren chewbranca
13:10:53 [benoitc]: I'm not sure if anyone is available to answer
13:11:01 [benoitc]: but basically I miss the process to build it from sources
13:11:16 [djc]: so we need docs for that?
13:11:23 [benoitc]: also I don't know the exact status or when it will be stable enough
13:11:24 [benoitc]: djc: yes
13:11:33 [Kxepal]: benoitc: I remember there was an instruction at dev@ ML about...
13:11:46 [benoitc]: for that and what to test from time to time
13:11:47 [garren]: I'm here
13:12:08 [benoitc]: Kxepal: yup but should be available in the sources imo
13:12:16 [Kxepal]:
13:12:17 [garren]: benoitc: the build process is in the readme under src/fauxton/
13:12:24 [benoitc]: mmm ?
13:12:38 [benoitc]: ok I missed it.
13:12:46 [benoitc]: will retry
13:12:54 [garren]: benoitc: we working pretty hard on the moment and should have a decent
usuable version near the end of the month
13:13:01 [Kxepal]: anyway, it's a good point to have it in docs as like any other build instructions
13:13:31 [garren]: Kxepal: thats a good point. I'm happy to work with anyone from the docs
team to get those build instructions into the docs
13:13:38 [djc]: perhaps we should add it to the rest docs?
13:13:40 [benoitc]: garren: tight my point is that the dev looks like it's done in //
13:13:46 [djc]: garren: +1 let's do it
13:14:03 [djc]: hmm, or should we hold off until we get a separate developer's guide?
13:14:08 [garren]: djc: great, have you go some time tomorrow? if so let me know and we can
13:14:17 [benoitc]: djc: could be a good start for it
13:14:23 [Kxepal]: garren: if src/fauxton/ is everything that's need to build fauxton,
we could just port it into rst
13:14:39 [djc]: garren: I'll be around, we'll come up with something
13:15:01 [garren]: great
13:15:01 [Kxepal]: djc: can you handle it? I'd stuggled with my own patches ):
13:15:16 [djc]: Kxepal: consider it done
13:15:18 [garren]: Currently with Fauxton the latest work other than work in branches is in
13:15:24 [Kxepal]: djc: thanks!
13:15:31 [benoitc]: garren: how to enter in the dev anyway ? 
13:15:39 [garren]: benoitc: not sure what you mean.
13:15:53 [benoitc]: i was a little frustrated last week whn I wanted to demo it and nothing
was working on my chrome under ubuntu 
13:16:38 [garren]: benoitc: if you could give me an error report I can help you further on
13:17:23 [benoitc]: garren: i oculd also help, i think my question is more ahere are fauxton
dev speaking about the code ?
13:18:49 [garren]: benoitc: yeah we could improve in that way. We have a list of issues we
working on we just haven't added them all to JIRA.
13:19:11 [djc]: garren: still, it appears there's some coordination happening between you
guys, but it's not clear where
13:19:12 [garren]: I will look to add more that into JIRA this week.
13:19:19 [djc]: it's certainly not on the ml or in IRC, AFAICT?
13:19:58 [benoitc]: cool, i've written some notes oduring that quick demo ( i had to turn
off quickly) will organize them as well
13:20:07 [garren]: true, we need to improve on that. We been doing some direct communication
as we work on some features. 
13:20:21 [garren]: great
13:20:28 [djc]: perhaps you can just do a little ml report when you do direct communication
13:20:36 [garren]: djc: sure
13:20:51 [Kxepal]: #action djc with garren's help to port fauxton build instruction to sphinx
13:20:53 [garren]: we are looking to send a mail out to the mailing list soon calling for
more help.
13:21:14 [benoitc]: thanks
13:21:43 [Kxepal]: ok, looks like we'd done with fauxton. going ahead?
13:21:51 [garren]: yup.

# 4. 1.3.1 release #
13:22:23 [djc]: should the fauxton issues being added to JIRA also be an action item?
13:22:58 [djc]: mm, 1.3.1 wasn't suggested as a meeting topic, was it?
13:23:08 [benoitc]: well it can be 
13:23:28 [Kxepal]: #action fauxton team to add fauxton issues to JIRA
13:23:28 [benoitc]: i'm actually testing it and have lot of failing tests right now
13:23:36 [Kxepal]: djc: good point, thanks
13:23:52 [Kxepal]: djc: I believe we'd something to discuss about since it's hot topic
13:23:58 [djc]: mkay
13:24:51 [Kxepal]: benoitc: may it be wise to report falling tests as jira issues to track
their status?
13:25:00 [benoitc]: Kxepal: as usual yes. 
13:25:13 [benoitc]: i'm trying to get a verbose log right now 
13:25:23 [benoitc]: it takes times
13:26:28 [benoitc]: i'm not sure i is relevant since i'm launching them in a vm 
13:26:28 [benoitc]: but still
13:28:01 [Kxepal]: mostly vm is a common use case for servers, so it may be actual to have
it fixed
13:28:31 [Kxepal]: benoitc: anyway, thanks for digging into (:
13:28:39 [benoitc]: i'm writing a mail at the moment "fix testing in next major release"
13:30:11 [Kxepal]: great! I can recall there was discussion about moving js tests to etap
and etap to common tests. may be it worth for major release.

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