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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Wish to join your team
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 20:34:30 GMT
On 8 April 2013 16:58, Vicky Zeng <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working as a web-based and mobile application QA. In my current work,
> I have a chance to use the CouchDB and get interest in it. I would really
> love to join your team and offer some help in documentation, QA, or mobile.
> Looking forwards to your reply.
> Thank you.
> Vicky

Welcome Vicky!

Sorry for the slow reply, I hope it doesn't dampen your enthusiasm.
Help is always appreciated, in any area. Here are some suggestions
based on what you've said, feel free to pick something else entirely
of course!

# Docs

Alex, Noah, Dirkjan & myself have been working on these for a few
months, and they've just gone live in our 1.3.0 release at and also within the released source with
every deployed couchdb. This is generated from our canonical source
code [0] in restructured text format [1] but it's easier to read this
on github[2] if you're familiar with that, and edit it as well [3].

There's a lot of old information on the wiki [4], so if you like you
could pick a page or two from the wiki, check the steps work, and try
your hand at updating .rst file -- I don't know how familiar you are
with these tools, but if not, just ask.

Noah's talked about merging the Definitive Guide [5] into the main
repo too.  Working through the guide, testing the examples out, and
updating it would be a huge benefit to the community!

# QA

Not sure where to start, but we have a bunch of unit tests in erlang
and in javascript, if you are keen on some coding there is ample work
here in improving the reliability of the system. both Jan and I had a
few hiccups building the last release, for various reasons, which
could also do with working through. We also don't do inter-release
testing (e.g. replication of a db from 1.3.0 <-> 1.2.0 or lower),
that's a big gap.

# Mobile

Together with projects like TouchDB and PouchDB, bigcouch and refuge,
replication between projects and versions is not well tested, so if
you are interested in iOS (Touch), JavaScript/NodeJS (Pouch), clusters
(bigcouch),  open data platforms (refuge), then there's plenty to
choose from.

# The Apache Way

You may already know, but the Apache Software Foundation is entirely
volunteer-driven. And that makes the project a do-ocracy. We work on
what matters to us, in our own time, and for our own personal
satisfaction. We keep all our bugs, future plans, and issues in JIRA
[6], and discuss everything on the mailing list. This is a key part of
being a distributed and eventually consensus-based team.

There's a lot more information up at on the
foundation itself, and I've personally found the CouchDB community
both exceedingly helpful and friendly, and a place where I've both
learned a great deal, and contributed something back as well. I hope
you find the same satisfaction.

Finally, we have a weekly developer's meeting (everybody is welcome)
on IRC [7]  tomorrow, and you are more than welcome to pop into
#couchdb or #couchdb-dev as well anytime and say hi. There's usually
one of us not far away!



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