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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Apr 3 19:01:16 2013
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 19:27:01 GMT
Members present: jan____, davisp, nslater, ryan_ramage, benoitc, drsm79, garren, rnewson, chewbranca,

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. 1.3.0 release
  a. i just closed the 1.3.0 vote. it's going out in the next announce window (tuesday 9th)
(nslater, 2)

3. marketing
  a. effort underway to improve marketing activity (nslater, 3)

4. fauxton

5. rcouch
  a. fauxton folks working on authentication at the moment (nslater, 5)
  b. should be ready to invite contributions to fauxton soon - perhaps with blog post (nslater,

6. github PRs
  a. github pr integration on hold (nslater, 6)

7. bigcouch
  a. bigcouch merge also on hold (time commitments also) (nslater_, 7)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
19:01:31 [nslater]: topics so far:
19:01:32 [nslater]:  * 1.3.0 release
19:01:39 [nslater]:  * marketing
19:01:54 [nslater]: that's it from me at the moment. i will wait another 5 mins to collect
topics from folks
19:02:01 [nslater]: looks like we might have a small turn out this week
19:02:01 [benoitc]: i can't be really active today, on an urgency.
19:02:10 [nslater]: benoitc: hope it's nothing too bad
19:02:26 [benoitc]: hopefully not
19:02:39 [benoitc]: thx
19:04:05 [garren]: nslater: I can give a short fauxton update if anyone interested.
19:04:06 [garren]: as a topic.
19:04:35 [nslater]: okay
19:05:49 [nslater]: okay
19:05:56 [rnewson]: sorry, also quite busy.
19:05:56 [jan____]: okay

# 2. 1.3.0 release #
19:06:13 [jan____]: not very busy, but also not much to add this week :)
19:06:26 [jan____]: SHIP SHIP SHIP
19:06:33 [nslater]: #info i just closed the 1.3.0 vote. it's going out in the next announce
window (tuesday 9th)
19:06:48 [nslater]: i am setting up a cadence. not communicated this to anyone yet
19:06:50 [nslater]: tuesdays: releases
19:06:56 [nslater]: thursdays: weekly news
19:07:03 [nslater]: this is just for me, as i will be running these primarily
19:07:26 [nslater]: "tuesday" as a date for releases is under advisement from sally
19:07:46 [nslater]: can't afford to have more than one of these things going on on the same
19:08:01 [nslater]: so attempting to spread things out across the week for folks
19:08:01 [nslater]: that's it

# 3. marketing #
19:08:32 [nslater]: i plan to start ramping up our marketing activity
19:08:39 [nslater]: or rather, "process-izing" it
19:08:46 [nslater]: we don't do enough of it. we need to get better
19:08:54 [nslater]: will be looking for help from the community
19:08:56 [nslater]: sent an email to dev 10 mins before the meeting
19:09:02 [nslater]: if you have any thoughts on this, please get involved
19:09:11 [nslater]: (i don't really know what im doing)
19:09:27 [jan____]: I have a blog post in my TBD, about "the new CouchDB release process",
but I don’t yet know if I get to finish it in time
19:09:40 [nslater]: #info effort underway to improve marketing activity
19:10:03 [nslater]: jan____: do you think it would have more impact before the 1.3.0 release?
19:10:11 [nslater]: my gut tells me it should be fine to do after
19:10:54 [jan____]: oh right, wouldn’t hurt to coincide
19:11:01 [nslater]: one of the things i want to do that i have mentioned in passing a few
times is doing weekly news items
19:11:09 [nslater]: these are an evolution of the ROUNDUP things i am doing at the moment
19:11:16 [nslater]: hoping to summarise important conversations on dev@ etc
19:11:19 [nslater]: my goal is to get these on the actual blog
19:11:26 [nslater]: i just need to evolve the format a bit more
19:11:31 [nslater]: jan____: sure
19:11:53 [nslater]: i don't have anything more to announce at this time
19:12:16 [nslater]: moving on

# 4. fauxton #
19:12:17 [nslater]: garren: over to you
19:12:31 [jan____]: nslater: I’m like +10000 on all that.
19:12:33 [nslater]: cool thx
19:12:41 [garren]: thanks, chewbranca added view functionality in. 
19:13:01 [garren]: We busy working on authentication at the moment. Making some good progress
on that. 
19:13:25 [nslater]: cool. have you seen many contributions from non-cloudant people since
moving to the apache repos?
19:13:39 [garren]: We looking to move some of the couchapp deployment to use grunt-couch so
if anyone interested on working on that. It should be relatively straight forward they are
welcome to.
19:13:41 [nslater]: i know ryan seemed keen to get involved
19:14:24 [garren]: yeah ryan_ramage has been helping out. We also will soon need anyone interested
to just to take it for a test spin.
19:14:31 [nslater]: garren: could we make it more clear perhaps that people are welcome to
get involved?
19:14:38 [nslater]: do we have a list of issues or whatever that people could get started
19:14:53 [ryan_ramage]: I am keen…I have had a busy week, but end of this week to get back
on track
19:14:55 [nslater]: (this is a genuine question - i don't know if we could be doing better
or not)
19:15:16 [garren]: nslater: yes there are some issues in jira.
19:15:23 [garren]: we probably should be adding more.
19:15:25 [jan____]: we could do with a blog post inviting webdevs to hack on futon
19:15:31 [jan____]: with a bit of a howto
19:15:46 [nslater]: blog post over ML post?
19:15:53 [drsm79]: nslater: there is a "here's how you contribute" plugin for fauxton -
19:16:02 [garren]: jan____: I agree, I think we need to make just a little more progress then
we can look at a blog post more help.
19:16:03 [jan____]: blog, and then use all PR channels
19:16:18 [nslater]: garren: cool - sounds good
19:16:19 [drsm79]: the idea is if you click a button that doesn't work it'll point you to
how to add that buttons functinoality
19:16:24 [chewbranca]: yeah that sounds like a good idea
19:16:27 [drsm79]: +1 on a blog
19:16:31 [jan____]: garren: that’s fine, I trust you know a good time when to publish this
19:17:11 [nslater]: any more on this or shall we move on?
19:17:11 [garren]: jan____: I think drsm79 chewbranca and I just want to add a couple more
things and get the tests in place.
19:17:21 [garren]: nothing from my side.
19:17:26 [drsm79]: nope
19:17:26 [nslater]: cool

# 5. rcouch #
19:17:40 [nslater]: benoitc: are you able to update or are you afk?
19:17:47 [nslater]: (i guess we'll find out in a minute or two if he doesn't respond)
19:18:01 [nslater]: ACTION adds "github PRs" to the topic list
19:18:03 [nslater]: ACTION adds "bigcouch" to the topic list
19:18:48 [nslater]: #info fauxton folks working on authentication at the moment
19:19:16 [nslater]: #info should be ready to invite contributions to fauxton soon - perhaps
with blog post
19:19:25 [nslater]: benoitc must be busy

# 6. github PRs #
19:19:32 [ryan_ramage]: just a quick thing for the feature branches for fauxton
19:19:32 [ryan_ramage]: maybe we can do the jira naming and have fauxton somewhere
19:19:32 [ryan_ramage]: I wanted to see garren auth thing pushed but the ci did not pick it
19:19:48 [nslater]: we have 13 outstanding PRs
19:20:16 [nslater]: i am going to start a weekly ROUNDUP and hope this number goes down
19:20:26 [nslater]: i am wondering if there's anything else we could be doing to bring it
19:20:39 [nslater]: or if another approach is better in the long-run
19:20:47 [nslater]: i am also wondering if there's any update on the integration work, jan____
19:21:18 [garren]: One of those PR's are mine. I think I should close it. And maybe bring
it up later on JIRA.
19:21:41 [jan____]: nslater: stuck on my end, sorry
19:21:55 [nslater]: jan____: no worries
19:22:46 [nslater]: #info github pr integration on hold
19:23:08 [nslater]: garren: cool
19:23:38 [nslater_]: irc cloud is giving me issues

# 7. bigcouch #
19:23:55 [nslater_]: davisp, rnewson - anything to report?
19:24:46 [davisp]: nopes. Had work emergencies. Might have time later this week
19:24:47 [rnewson]: nslater_: that we've been too busy to work on the merge. :)
19:24:53 [rnewson]: oh snap
19:25:01 [nslater_]: hehe. thanks guys
19:25:01 [davisp]: We'll be together in Boston next week so might find some time to finish
it off
19:25:18 [nslater_]: #info bigcouch merge also on hold (time commitments also)
19:25:46 [nslater_]: cool
19:26:01 [nslater_]: i think that's about it
19:26:08 [nslater_]: unless anyone has anything else
19:26:16 [nslater_]: might be able to wrap this up in 30 mins
19:26:23 [nslater_]: (i.e. now...)
19:26:33 [jan____]: DO IT

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