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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: 1.3.0 release cycle & R16B support
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 23:46:06 GMT
On 15 March 2013 00:21, James Hayton <> wrote:
> What is the recommended way to install on OSX until the homebrew issue gets
> sorted out?

I've not tested this but if you've already ugpraded, then probably this:

cd /usr/local/Library/Formula
# ignore whiny git error message
git revert -n 26050424
brew install erlang --no-docs
[… couch as usual]

Would be nice if somebody can tell if this works for 1.2.1 users.

For 1.3.x, my stuff including first round of required homebrew

Also apparently Snow Leopard + XCode ?3 may not work with the newer
autotools. This is not clear what the issue is and I don't have a box
for testing this.


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