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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Goals for 2013
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 21:26:43 GMT
Great thread. I've nothing specific to add except some comments from
my experience as a manager.

1. You can expect your contribution (in hours / head space) to be
roughly the same this year as last year unless you had Major Life
Change. Don't expect New Year's miracles.

2.  We need to focus on a very small number of things, as a team, and
get them done. Then pick the next bunch. Don't let ourselves get
distracted. I'm as guilty as the next person on this, but the point
still stands. e.g.:

- futon/fauxton made huge strides as it coalesced from 6+ individual
hacks on it into a group of people pursuing a common goal.
- docs streaked ahead when we had a few people focusing on it at the same time.
- cors rocketed ahead with several people working on it together from
different angles. It's also the first feature that had docs added when
it landed.

Above all, the first committed code was what drove the change & activity.

3. Nothing except security issues should prevent us from rolling
releases. We are not good on this at the moment, as Dirkjan rightly
pointed out.  A small number of active features is also easier to get
into the hands of our community, and less hassle than reviewing a mega

So, we have a few things that I think we are collectively committed to already:

- the merges of bigcouchy refugey otp goodness
- fauxton super-powers
- CI integration
- the node/v8 exploration

That's already a big ask. I'll do what I can to help anybody
interested in tackling areas outside that of course, but I'd like to
see consensus around our "big 3" targets. And I'd like to ensure my
efforts are mostly aligned with those objectives.


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