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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Google Summer of Code topics
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:13:51 GMT
Hi folks,

GSOC[1][2] registration for ASF closes this weekend, and we'd like to
get some proposals into it, viz
from last year.

If you reply, please do so just to the dev@ list -- note I BCC'd
users@ for some ideas.

I've got a few suggestions to get the ball rolling, with numbers where
taken from the future features list:

6. implement a Domain-Specific Language to run within the Erlang VM,
to support native speed filtering, validation, and indexing in
addition to the current in-built JS and erlang ones. Maybe something
that includes

8/9. Rewire CouchDB's HTTP layer to support websockets and spdy. I
think this implies switching to cowboy, this could be too messy.

12. Extend CouchDB's query model (e.g. to
support a richer syntax.

13/14. Implement partial reads and updates of documents,

Make the javascript view engine faster. Could include v8 bindings,
different / parallel communication approaches between erlang and
javascript worlds, avoiding reparsing JSON roundtrips, and make it
faster than the current spidermonkey implementation.

Implement external storage of attachments and appropriate HTTP API
hooks incl replication to allow hosting attachments outside the .couch
files, either on local storage, or in cloud blob storage (S3, azure

Implement a view development sandbox, where you can easily prototype
with a sub-set of documents without long build times.

Add an optional HTTP compression layer to CouchDB. It would be really
cool if you could do the compression during doc update (or view
creation or something) so that it can be served directly next time.
See for a prior
implementation or for a
file-based approach, and
for some other ideas.

Develop a plugin API & rework the authentication layer to allow
plugging in ErLDAP, nodejs with EveryAuth or PassportJS or in fact
anything you like.

Extend geocouch and/or couchdb with some of Volker's ideas (cue
Volker). Or stuff like quadtrees, geohashes or hilbert curves.

Finally, if you are interested in being a mentor, please speak up!



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