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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Commit email notifications
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 09:13:49 GMT
First off, apologies for the commit spam. But hopefully I've managed
to find a decent combination of useful information and helpful
threading for most email clients.

I got caught in the wind playing with email headers trying to set the
Message-Id and In-Reply-To/References headers to get threading to work
for the git email notifications. Then I remembered that GMail
basically ignores those. So I've gone and also changed the subject
formatting so that GMail does play nicely with threads.

Basically, I've switched between these two email styles for commit

Old Style:

    [1/4] git commit: test commit 1/3

New Style:

    [1/4] git commit: updated refs/heads/testing-email-notifications to 51293df

The first one has the benefit of showing what the actual commit was
about (this same information is repeated in the body) but the downside
is that GMail does terrible thing in conversation view with these. I
added a few things to the subject formatting and then set the format
CouchDB uses to the style shown. This style has the benefit that each
"push" to the repo should generate unique GMail conversations for each
branch updated and also gives us a bit of a log on individual updates
(a more thorough log is available via a URL I'm too lazy to lookup at

One of the major thorns I've been chewing on for awhile is when we
make an identical commit to more than one version branch and push all
of those updated branches in one go. The old version would group them
into a single GMail conversation which is a bit misleading and
sometimes hard to pick apart. The new format should avoid that but at
the loss of reading the "git log --oneline" history type log (that's
really out of order so not totally useful).

So if I'm crazy and people really like the "single push fills your
inbox" approach let me know and I'll revert it and be more formal
about the change. Though hopefully this new behavior is a net positive
for everyone involved as my 4am brain seems to think is reasonable
which means I've probably pissed off a whole bunch of people.

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