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From Randall Leeds <>
Subject Re: Fauxton Status Update
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 05:29:32 GMT
This is truly great stuff.

I just spent a while playing around with that public instance. I
particularly love being able to dig into the gigan views and specify
the view options.

Thanks for the tremendous effort!

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 10:14 PM, Russell Branca <> wrote:
> Its been some while now since there's been a real Fauxton update, and I
> wanted to take this opportunity to make a few exciting announcements.
> First off, I want to say thank you to the CouchDB community as a whole for
> the fantastic uptake and collaboration on Fauxton, especially Garren Smith
> and Ryan Ramage, who have been knocking stuff out left and right.
> As of this afternoon, Fauxton has been brought into the master branch and
> further development will happen there or in topic branches. We're pushing
> for a preview or experimental release in the CouchDB 1.4 release, so please
> check things out and add any bugs, ideas or feature requests to JIRA.
> Also, Ryan has setup a live preview of Fauxton at:
> and any topic branches named fauxton* will show up as separate databases,
> ie the branch fauxton-cool-feature will show up as the database
> Speaking of branches, the cloudant-labs/couchdb fauxton branch has been
> retired. The Apache CouchDB master branch is now the single source of truth
> for Fauxton, and likewise, JIRA is the place tracking tickets, under the
> Fauxton component. We've started adding various tickets to JIRA for open
> issues and future development, variety of different things if people are
> looking for
> We've also been hard at work making it easier to get up and running with
> Fauxton. All dependencies are now declared in package.json, and with
> Garren's new dev server, you don't need to build a local version of CouchDB
> to develop fauxton. The new steps are basically:
> $ npm install
> $ ./bin/grunt dev
> and you're up and running.
> All and all, Fauxton is cruising along. There is plently left to be done
> and plenty of room for more hands, so please do take Fauxton for a test
> drive and dive in!
> Fauxton code and readme:
> JIRA Fauxton component:
> -Russell

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