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From Jeff Charette <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code topics
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:20:55 GMT
My top 3 for couchapps:

1. more robust _rewrites module to do things like, possibly introduce regex matching
2. doc level security
3. with secure_rewrites true, _attachments handler moved to design doc level /db/_design/doc/_attachments
- like an update handler
	- database level _users, so /db/_design/doc/_users - behaves just like /_users

Sorry if any of this is pathetically naive!
Jeff Charette | Principal 
We Are Charette
web / identity / packaging

m  415.298.2707

On Mar 22, 2013, at 7:13 AM, Dave Cottlehuber <> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> GSOC[1][2] registration for ASF closes this weekend, and we'd like to
> get some proposals into it, viz
> from last year.
> If you reply, please do so just to the dev@ list -- note I BCC'd
> users@ for some ideas.
> I've got a few suggestions to get the ball rolling, with numbers where
> taken from the future features list:
> 6. implement a Domain-Specific Language to run within the Erlang VM,
> to support native speed filtering, validation, and indexing in
> addition to the current in-built JS and erlang ones. Maybe something
> that includes
> 8/9. Rewire CouchDB's HTTP layer to support websockets and spdy. I
> think this implies switching to cowboy, this could be too messy.
> 12. Extend CouchDB's query model (e.g.
> to
> support a richer syntax.
> 13/14. Implement partial reads and updates of documents,
> Make the javascript view engine faster. Could include v8 bindings,
> different / parallel communication approaches between erlang and
> javascript worlds, avoiding reparsing JSON roundtrips, and make it
> faster than the current spidermonkey implementation.
> Implement external storage of attachments and appropriate HTTP API
> hooks incl replication to allow hosting attachments outside the .couch
> files, either on local storage, or in cloud blob storage (S3, azure
> etc).
> Implement a view development sandbox, where you can easily prototype
> with a sub-set of documents without long build times.
> Add an optional HTTP compression layer to CouchDB. It would be really
> cool if you could do the compression during doc update (or view
> creation or something) so that it can be served directly next time.
> See for a prior
> implementation or for a
> file-based approach, and
> for some other ideas.
> Develop a plugin API & rework the authentication layer to allow
> plugging in ErLDAP, nodejs with EveryAuth or PassportJS or in fact
> anything you like.
> Extend geocouch and/or couchdb with some of Volker's ideas (cue
> Volker). Or stuff like quadtrees, geohashes or hilbert curves.
> Finally, if you are interested in being a mentor, please speak up!
> A+
> Dave
> [1]:
> [2]:!topic/google-summer-of-code-discuss/yYM2ru4bTeo

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