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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Goals for 2013
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 21:22:10 GMT
Thanks for calling this to action Noah!

My personal list for this year:

-1. Get people excited to contribute to CouchDB.

 0. Help remove roadblocks for any sort of contribution, docs, code, tests, bugs, whatever
it takes.

 1. A bunch of features that I’d like to rally some activity around, as I sure can’t write
them all on my own:

  - A plugin system as roughly outlined in that November/December thread, but with better

  - Full continuous integration suite, run tests suits on various systems automatically on
every commit in release and integration branches.

  - Help provide great system and binary packages for CouchDB in the various distributions
and standalone.
    (In my dream future, the continuous integration system spits out binaries for all supported
systems so people who report at bug can quickly test if it solves the issue without having
to build from source etc.)

  - Move the JS engine to Node.js. Allow for writing db-tools / plugins / utilities in Node.

 2. Get a Website/PR/Marketing team together. Refine the focus of the CouchDB mission statement.
I have some ideas that I share when the time is right.

 3. Support a JIRA/PR triage team in every which way I can.

 4. Get a developer’s handbook started to the CouchDB internals.

 5. Help build local real-world CouchDB community meetups like the ones we do in Berlin (,
supply folks with guides on how to run a meetup, resources to talk about, help out with organising
shwag etc.

 6. Get an evangelism team together: bundle and make available for anyone slides and teaching
materials that can be used to give talks at conferences, meetups and the like.

 5.+ 6. = 11. Connect this all online, so we can share experiences and improve each other’s

That’s just off the back of my head. I will personally focus a lot on -1. and 0. as well
as getting the rest started, but I will need all your help to move things to completion. I’m
not yet comfortable to commit to promising all of that done by the end of 2013, but if most
of it is on the way and going well, I think we are in good shape.

If you want to help out with any of these, please get in touch.



On Mar 6, 2013, at 19:14 , Noah Slater <> wrote:

> Hello community,
> I'd like to start a thread and collect a list of goals for 2013.
> We have a few exciting things in the pipeline. BigCouch is about to land.
> Benoit's rcouch is also going to land. We're probably going to be moving to
> V8. And if Jan has anything to do with it, we'll be getting a plugin system.
> These are roadmap items. (Which are very important to have!) But I am
> thinking about other things which we might want to make a commitment to.
> Things to do with the community, and marketing, and docs, etc.
> Some of the things I think we could aim for:
> * Increase month over month commits. Current activity is slowing down
> month over month. Let's re-energize the project. How do we do this though?
> I think by accepting more patches, closing more tickets, getting more
> committers, and generating excitement.
> I actually think the rest of the goals I want to propose all feed into
> that...
> * Get a JIRA triage team and Github/patch team up and running. Stay on top
> of this stuff. Bring the JIRA queue down. Anyone want to put forward a
> number or a metric we can actually work towards here?
> * Increase the size of the committership. Perhaps we could aim to double
> it? I think we should go into mass recruitment mode. To the point even
> where we might want to suggest handing out a commit bit to anyone who asks
> for it. I'm talking about lowering the barrier to entry as much as is
> possible.
> * Release monthly. Activity already around getting this process
> bootstrapped.
> * Increase marketing activity. Social media, blogs, etc. What can we do
> here? Weekly news is one great idea that's already been mentioned this
> week. What other metrics can we use?
> Think of this like a set of personal development goals you might get at a
> job, except we generate it for the community as a whole. And we can all
> work towards them.
> Things which are * measurable* are ideal. It's hard to measure "excitement"
> but it's easy to measure social media mentions, and blog subscribers,
> releases, committers, patches, tickets, etc.
> We could break these down into quarters. If we manage to agree on some
> metrics this month, we could set quarter by quarter goals for Q2, Q3, and
> Q4.
> Thoughts?
> -- 
> NS

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