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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Javascript Test Suite
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:05:15 GMT
In 1.3.0, there is a new part of the test suite to run the javascript 
tests from the command line. I'm running into various issues on 
different hardware/OS configurations. Mostly, tests hanging or timing 
out and failing. These are really hard to troubleshoot, as they all pass 
just fine if run individually.

What I'm experimenting with today is rewriting how the tests are 
implemented to be run one at a time from a loop in bash, versus a loop 
in javascript. I think the failures I'm running into are improper 
setup/teardown. There may be an issue with rapid delete and adding a db, 
or rapidly starting and stopping couchdb, but I think this is not what's 
happening in my failures.

The nature of spidermonkey doesn't allow for spawning threads, or 
sandboxing, etc, so it's hard looking at the test suite to see how I can 
improve running all tests. I think it's far better to have the setup 
spawn a new interpreter for each test. Tear down will kill the interpreter.


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