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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] New release procedure
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 01:50:59 GMT
On 03/07/2013 05:42 PM, Noah Slater wrote:
> Hello devs,
> I would like to propose a new release procedure:
> This proposal will pass on lazy consensus, so speak up if you want to
> object.
> How this differs from the old release procedure:
> 1) Code level tests (CLI, etap, etc) have been removed. The test procedure
> has been updated to include an additional "make distcheck" step. This will
> allow release candidates to go up very quickly, and puts the onus on you
> guys to test things thoroughly.
Does this mean testing will just be done by people voting on the release 
candidates? I don't have any objection, this is very reasonable, just 

> 2) The hashing and signing step has been split out from the build. This
> allows the build to take place on a remote host that is not trusted with
> your GPG key. I have also added an explicit step for checking
> the authenticity of the tarball that is produced.
> 3) As much as possible has been automated. The scripts are a bit rough and
> ready, but they will do, provided you follow the instructions precisely.
> Once again, the hope is that this will make releasing less burdensome for
> the release manager.
> Please take the time to review the document, and to review the scripts.
> The scripts are in the couchdb-admin.git repository:
> Please take the time to review these also.
> The release procedure, and indeed the scripts, are not finished. They never
> will be. I will be updating them over the next day or two, and during the
> 1.3.0 release. But they are finished enough that I am comfortable making
> this proposal to the list.
> Also, sorry for the noise. Testing against Subversion is... Tricky. :)
> Thanks,

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