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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Mar 20 20:15:10 2013
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 21:00:23 GMT
Members present: jan____, sbp, drsm79, wendall911, dch, indutny, davisp, Wohali

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. shipping 1.3.0 -- blockers
  a. updated (dch, 2)
  b. dch to check with nslater on pushing last C++ detection  patch onto 1.3.x, and do master
at same time. (dch, 2)

3. fauxton update
  a. super update from chewbranca on the mailing list (dch, 3)
  b. (dch, 3)

4. last week minutes
  a. (dch, 4)
  b. davisp has the merge in hand, await an update Real Soon Now. (dch, 4)

- dch to check with nslater on pushing last C++ detection  patch onto 1.3.x, and do master
at same time. (dch, 20:25:15)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
20:15:11 [dch]: welcome everybody!
20:15:25 [dch]: I can haz topics plz?
20:15:57 [indutny]: hello guys
20:16:02 [dch]: so far: 1.3.0 / blockers, fauxton info, anything else
20:16:10 [indutny]: I joined meeting
20:16:10 [indutny]: what's next?
20:16:17 [wendall911]: and 1.2.2.rc.1
20:16:50 [jan____]: SHIPPING
20:16:55 [dch]: indutny: welcome! IIRC it was your eventsource patch we have in 1.3, right?
we are starting a bit late due to flakey network on my side, just calling for topics atm
20:17:10 [dch]: a veritable fleet of ships
20:17:10 [indutny]: heh, ok
20:17:17 [dch]: aight, let's get cracking!
20:17:25 [wendall911]: jan____: that covers it!

# 2. shipping 1.3.0 -- blockers #
20:18:02 [wendall911]:
20:18:02 [dch]: so I think we agreed to take R16B support off the block list.
20:18:12 [dch]: #info updated
20:18:47 [dch]: anybody want to add to that list? or better still, close/take away?
20:18:55 [wendall911]: I think it's [GREEN LIGHT] for 1.3.0.rc.2
20:19:49 [dch]: +1. wendall911 if you have a chance to test the latest C++ detection patch
on a friendly rh/centos that will help. I will check AWS llnux again after this meeting.
20:19:55 [wendall911]: That's assuming COUCHDB-1719 is a missing dep (which I think it is)
20:20:10 [wendall911]: dch: Was working fine for me
20:20:40 [dch]: wendall911: ryan's had similar failures on OSX 10.6 which we didn't track
down, he just paid the apple tax and upgraded.
20:20:47 [wendall911]: hrm
20:20:55 [dch]: I should see if I have a CD for it and can test.
20:21:25 [wendall911]: I only have a mac mini available, so if you wanted to wait about 2
yrs for the compile to complete...
20:21:35 [dch]: lols :-) so from my side, I am keen to port the last C++ detection patch (which
I've used in the R16B branch and tested already) to 1.3.x.
20:21:47 [dch]: Do I need Noah's blessing for that or can I just do it?
20:22:02 [dch]: and I don't think we are waiting on anything else.
20:22:11 [jan____]: dch: you want rnewson’s blessing
20:22:34 [dch]: jan____: ok, is he going to do 1.3.0 rc2 then?
20:22:40 [dch]: either way
20:22:57 [wendall911]: rnewson was in favor of not shipping with R16B until we can work it
out for 1.3.1 and 1.2.3 shortly after
20:23:16 [jan____]: I think Noah is gonna do the duty, but I ran all by rnewson before
20:23:16 [dch]: jan____: I'm not referring to the whole R16B branch, just the C++ detection
20:23:38 [dch]: good, I think we got our wires crossed there briefly.
20:23:45 [jan____]: wendall911: right, this is just the C++ detection patch that I am surprised
isn’t already in 1.3.x
20:23:47 [jan____]: dch: I know :)
20:24:07 [wendall911]: hmm, checking
20:24:15 [dch]: excellent! unless we have anything else, shall we move on?
20:25:15 [dch]: #action dch to check with nslater on pushing last C++ detection  patch onto
1.3.x, and do master at same time.

# 3. fauxton update #
20:25:52 [drsm79]: chewbranca sent a fairly comprehensive mail to dev@
20:25:55 [dch]: #info super update from chewbranca on the mailing list
20:26:07 [dch]: if you've not read it please do
20:26:07 [drsm79]: I think it's fair to say that things are cranking
20:26:15 [wendall911]: dch: just asec, I don't see a branch for 1699.
20:26:17 [dch]: spanking cranking even
20:26:37 [drsm79]: chewbranca, garren and ryan have done a ton of great work
20:26:37 [wendall911]: dch: and I did not test that, only against most recent 1.3.x (thought
it was there already)
20:27:00 [dch]: yup really good and amazing progress.
20:27:22 [drsm79]: immediate things are updating some deps to latest versions, getting an
auth module in place and test framework
20:27:31 [drsm79]: sue (deathbear) is working on the testing
20:27:31 [dch]: also people should check out the link to public build of it atm, looks very
20:27:52 [drsm79]: I think there's a branch she'll be asking garren to review soon
20:27:53 [dch]: #link
20:28:22 [drsm79]: yeah, that's also hooked to CI so new versions should appear online automagically
20:28:23 [wendall911]: Is this slated to have feature parity with futon?
20:28:32 [dch]: parity++
20:28:37 [dch]: double-parity
20:28:40 [drsm79]: wendall911: yup, eventually
20:29:00 [wendall911]: ok, awesome, while there are some excellent new features, there are
several things missing that wouldn't make it usable for daily use
20:29:07 [drsm79]: yup
20:29:22 [drsm79]: please file tickets for things you find (or expect to find and don't) in
20:29:22 [wendall911]: love the little link thing at the bottom to open the actual view!
20:29:37 [drsm79]: there's a fauxton component now
20:29:45 [wendall911]: drsm79: ok, I assume that stuff is on your list. Really only paging
and status
20:30:15 [drsm79]: yup, chewbranca threatened getting paging done before he went to erlang
20:30:23 [drsm79]: wendall911: what do you mean by status?
20:30:55 [wendall911]: the status page looked incomplete or blank ... maybe no statuses there,
but looks unfinished if there aren't any jobs
20:31:22 [drsm79]: ah, k
20:32:13 [wendall911]: Looks excellent overall :)
20:32:20 [dch]: shall we move on ?
20:32:28 [drsm79]: dch: happy to
20:32:35 [drsm79]: thanks wendall911
20:33:35 [dch]: sorry didnt want to rush :-) drsm79 
20:33:50 [drsm79]: np
20:33:58 [drsm79]: I think I said everything I can think of
20:34:01 [jan____]: a special shout out to ryan_ramage who set up
for everyone to see. I especially appreciate the building branches thing
20:34:08 [drsm79]: mainly props to chewie garren and ryan
20:34:20 [dch]: oh yeah that was a nice piece of work!
20:34:58 [dch]: nice to see we have a lurking jenkins/hudson guru to call on
20:35:15 [dch]: ok, any other topics? I'll just dig out last week's see if we nailed everything.
20:35:25 [davisp]: you mean when we run out of things to do with our torches and pitchforks
we'll have someone to turn to
20:36:01 [jan____]: :)
20:36:15 [wendall911]: Nice to see the dev pool growing :)
20:36:15 [wendall911]: more++
20:36:30 [jan____]: aye
20:36:46 [dch]: davisp: I'm up for more pitchforks, bring it on farmboy

# 4. last week minutes #
20:37:07 [dch]: #link
20:37:38 [dch]: basically we did all of that, at least the critical stuff, 9 and 10 not (my
20:38:01 [wendall911]: I am still working on tests for RHEL based distros, but that's an ongoing
item. Shouldn't break the release process at all.
20:38:37 [dch]: re "options for an ASF couch" I have no idea what I am supposed to request
to #infra, a "pod" or a "vm" or what?
20:39:00 [dch]: wendall911: cool, I am setting up an auto-build script for AWS so we can hook
this up together.
20:39:07 [wendall911]: dch: nice
20:39:15 [dch]: davisp: jan____: do you know what I should be asking for?
20:39:24 [dch]: ACTION feels like a blind man in a paint shop
20:40:25 [jan____]: we have the option to get a Solaris Zone that the PMC can admin at will
20:40:43 [davisp]: jan____: IIRC Ubuntu VMs are available
20:40:51 [jan____]: I’d say we use (an iriscouch) though as I don’t
think anyone wants to admin a Solaris
20:40:57 [dch]: I would be content with either.
20:41:05 [jan____]: davisp: neat
20:41:13 [davisp]: jan____: I wouldn't either (want to do Solaris)
20:41:13 [davisp]: Linux would be fine
20:41:35 [wendall911]: should be in ASF infrastructure
20:41:35 [davisp]: I think we have enough experience to make Linux work but I don't know if
any of us have used Solaris to any extent
20:41:43 [davisp]: What are we planning on doing with it?
20:41:51 [dch]: its a zone, so long as we can compile a couch we are good to go.
20:41:53 [sbp]: Wo... oh, where is she
20:42:05 [sbp]: Wohali has Solaris experience, I believe
20:42:05 [jan____]: either way, there is a low-friction and a high-friction way to get at
a couchdb instance :)
20:42:13 [wendall911]: yeah, it should be on a linux vm if possible
20:42:27 [dch]: yeah, ok, so I log a jira for infra and supply all details.
20:42:36 [sbp]: I have Solaris experience too, thinking about it. not the good kind
20:42:36 [dch]: thanks folks for the clarification
20:42:43 [dch]: ZFS.
20:42:50 [wendall911]: no point in putting it on a solaris vm so nobody can work on it
20:42:50 [sbp]: Wohali: <jan____> I’d say we use (an iriscouch)
though as I don’t think anyone wants to admin a Solaris
20:43:05 [jan____]: people!
20:43:14 [jan____]: this isn’t a Solaris vs. anything here
20:43:30 [jan____]: this is maintaining a VM vs. using a couch that exists today and is managed
for us
20:43:44 [dch]: aye
20:43:58 [wendall911]: hmm, I'm for a little dogfooding
20:43:58 [Wohali]: context plz
20:44:27 [sbp]: give me a link to the logs, you clattering cacophany of cogs and camshafts!
20:44:35 [Wohali]: soryr folks, was up until 5am last night, only woke up 90 mins ago
20:44:36 [dch]: Wohali: we want to host a couch to distribute things like fauxton or similar
couchapp things from a known source
20:44:43 [Wohali]: aha
20:44:45 [dch]: sbp: logs come post meeting only sorry.
20:44:58 [jan____]:
20:45:01 [sbp]: aw, raspberries. (pi-kind)
20:45:28 [Wohali]: my feeling is: lowest effort 
20:45:28 [dch]: jan____: I'm happy with iriscouch as a trusted source, I think originally
the concern was whether that was appropriate for within the ASF.
20:45:28 [Wohali]: infra is a thankless job
20:45:36 [dch]: ack.
20:46:05 [jan____]: yeah
20:46:20 [dch]: how about we do this -
20:46:28 [jan____]: if we need a zone/vserver some time in the future we can always do it
20:46:35 [jan____]: and we can always migrate away from iris
20:46:37 [dch]: get started on the iriscouch couch, pursue the VM option and when ready switch
20:46:58 [jan____]: +1
20:47:27 [dch]: I'll jira-fy it then.
20:48:00 [wendall911]: my feeling is that admin for this type of VM is trivial and well within
the scope of the project. It also exposes some of the build deficiencies in a very nice dogfoodish
type way
20:48:43 [jan____]: wendall911: but only for one type of OS. CI should catch that for many
20:48:58 [wendall911]: ok, but it doesn't
20:49:13 [jan____]: wendall911: also, sinc this is project infra, some pressure is to keep
it up well, and I know we are starved for attention still.
20:49:21 [jan____]: wendall911: It does :)
20:49:28 [jan____]:
20:49:36 [dch]: once we have 1.3.0 out the door we should expand the CI stuff further.
20:49:50 [jan____]: all I say is that I’m hesitant to suggest running a VM if we have no
one to do it proper
20:49:58 [jan____]: if we find enough volunteers, all is well
20:50:13 [jan____]: I just caution against a "ah that’s a great idea" and then it sucks
20:50:14 [jan____]:  :)
20:50:50 [dch]: good point
20:51:16 [dch]: davisp: what's up with nebraska branch then? afaict its not in asf land yet,
do we need paperwork first?
20:51:20 [sbp]: is there anything particularly special about the VM setup?
20:51:43 [wendall911]: sbp: nah, I think point was needing someone to maintain
20:51:57 [sbp]: oh, so it's purely the labour. okay
20:52:05 [davisp]: dch: paperwork and me and bob are still hacking on it some. Most of the
major work is done but there are a couple things left to clean up
20:52:20 [davisp]: dch: I should have an email to dev@ at the end of the week covering all
the things changed as well as things that need doing
20:52:22 [wendall911]: jan____: I agree energy is more useful elsewhere
20:52:53 [dch]: davisp: cool. I am ready to play with rebar tomorrow I think I finished my
other stuff.
20:53:07 [dch]: right, final call for topics / notices?
20:53:44 [davisp]: dch: keep me posted. I changed quite a bit of the source layout but it
should build fine
20:53:44 [dch]: #info davisp has the merge in hand, await an update Real Soon Now.
20:54:07 [davisp]: dch: Yep. Mostly cleaning up the terrible mess of commits me and bob made
20:54:20 [davisp]: I think I squashed about 50 commits yesterday
20:55:20 [dch]: nice going! hats off to the two of you for what, basically a fortnight of
concerted couch hacking?
20:55:52 [davisp]: dch: roughly
20:56:13 [davisp]: We did manage to knock out the hard parts so I think we're over the hump.
Epic email will be epic
20:57:44 [dch]: it should be framed. 
20:57:59 [davisp]: hah
20:58:15 [dch]: ok, if we've no further actions, I declare this a wrap!
20:58:31 [dch]: #endmeeting
20:59:30 [wendall911]: dch: be9cda6 is the commit I see. And there is an additional patch?

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