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From chewbranca <>
Subject couchdb pull request: Latest fauxton updates as of march 13
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 18:35:00 GMT
GitHub user chewbranca opened a pull request:

    Latest fauxton updates as of march 13

    Lots of updates and fixes
      * Initial view editor implementation
      * Advanced view functionality
      * Edit design docs
      * Use _rewrites in fauxton couchapp
      * Grunt template updates
      * Lots of random fixes and cleanup

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull fauxton-mar-13

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

commit 7f88a2afedb27555b7e92aae1be2d4163bca0393
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-07T01:51:05Z

    Initial in browser MR using PouchDB.mapreduce.js

commit 04018d243540ae71b703191e5125818506cf2dd0
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-08T21:29:02Z

    Adding PouchDB file blurbs

commit 61ac6f86710192debc50c0cc2275d5ef94a6c658
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-14T02:32:01Z

    Move view editor around and lots more

commit 4e038d789b54243aa5b05a819af09c385f5a1806
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-24T21:42:54Z

    Add meta data and more to views

commit f3300bbde51ac6c9d12d4cb83d67eef27c6fdeb5
Author: Ryan Ramage <>
Date:   2013-02-25T22:32:56Z

    Adding support for fauxton behind a rewrite in a couchapp

commit 68d36d33819c09af30daabea98e093f2b1622e2c
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-25T23:35:19Z

    Merge pull request #16 from garden20/fauxton-couchapp-rewrites
    Adding support for fauxton behind a rewrite in a couchapp

commit 6033ac3fb6929258c2d47be272d66f4729bcecd1
Author: Simon Metson <>
Date:   2013-02-26T16:15:38Z

    remove shared databases from the all_dbs page - not a couchdb feature (might
    come back depending on how we support replicas).

commit 829db1ab39ad2a14b6b7a810fe947e47ea01eb66
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-02-26T19:48:27Z

    Add initial error handling for view establish functions

commit 2c81ee740a20999b58199c00df927eff635168b4
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-06T00:25:15Z

    Clean up for bugs and non save/preview use

commit 7d73a824acb6053b501a7f6dbd887168bad2fdb0
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-06T00:41:47Z

    Merge pull request #17 from cloudant-labs/fauxton-pouch-mr
    Advanced _view options and editor

commit 0649bafacf15669d294258187e6c189759c1c93a
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-06T01:13:27Z

    Add results meta to all docs collection

commit 3d4781de0b37ada0ebff3a6c4dc2a1f6da9feb95
Author: Simon Metson <>
Date:   2013-03-11T15:30:04Z

    remove templating configuration from grunt.js

commit 73350051f9794f6428a4b36ce7be1c0561ebbad7
Author: Simon Metson <>
Date:   2013-03-11T16:25:52Z

    update tasks

commit 9667be958948cad2e5d410ca4bc403664d694679
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-11T23:33:53Z

    Temporarily disable contribute addon and add gitignore

commit 1bb903bed7d0bfda05d5c9eb0084a9dbd69110f5
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-11T23:39:57Z

    Add link to docs in api bar

commit 3293c1d4d732048eed063cdb7c654d81e8ef8eeb
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-12T00:24:10Z

    Update all docs and all design docs links

commit e6dbe7a1cdb70378f17e782f26ea5a2ca5a88761
Author: Simon Metson <>
Date:   2013-03-12T11:19:04Z

    Correct default template 
    Spotted during review with Mike W.

commit 283e25a23147883c497203fa03e38ea552b40225
Author: Michael Wallace <>
Date:   2013-03-12T11:24:57Z

    Merge pull request #19 from cloudant-labs/1690-template-settings-from-config
    1690 template settings from config

commit 0534bd8c5d82f0fb13da8d8a7a161d7f73b7b191
Author: Mike Wallace <>
Date:   2013-03-12T11:05:18Z

    Fix import of pouchdb

commit b18aa31b75f09e31028a97a74dffd81fc0b5667a
Author: Michael Wallace <>
Date:   2013-03-12T11:30:42Z

    Merge pull request #20 from cloudant-labs/fauxton-fix-pouchdb-import
    Fix import of pouchdb

commit f0b587c41c7ed777328827d06dc5a91521468c82
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-12T23:25:28Z

    Cleanup some broken things on documents

commit 25881bb138b9341c1b31f573efe094f26ce66de9
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-13T17:31:02Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/fauxton' into fauxton

commit 0d08a755880586cfcb23f0240b57ff8a6a5ba858
Author: Russell Branca <>
Date:   2013-03-13T17:32:59Z

    Fix span width for new database button


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